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Bangladesh Matches With Pakistan Will Have to Take Place Here, Says Mani

Bangladesh Matches With Pakistan Will Have to Take Place Here, Says Mani


After the successful test matches with Sri Lanka, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ehsan Mani addressed the issue of Bangladesh team coming to Pakistan in the next month.

He made his stance very clear. He said that Bangladeshi team will either have to come here or give a valid reason for not honouring their commitment.

On the issue of safety, he mentioned how Sri Lankan team had visited Pakistan, played the test matches and yet there has been no threat to them and no issue of safety has risen up.

“Bringing [international] cricket back to Pakistan was the most important goal we had. Having Sri Lanka coming over and playing Test matches was a real achievement for all of us, our fans and everyone here. This series [against Sri Lanka] was a landmark event, ” he said.

Adding on, he said, ” Now the whole world knows topflight cricket has returned to Pakistan and the country is completely safe. There was not a single incident and the Sri Lankans were very happy to be playing again in Pakistan after almost 11 years.”

On the Bangladesh issue he commented, “No one should be under any misapprehension as to where Pakistan’s home Tests [against Bangladesh and other nations in future] would take place. All of Pakistan’s matches, against Bangladesh will take place in Pakistan and no one should be in any doubt about this.”

Ehsan Mani stayed adamant on Bangladesh having to come here for the matches as he see’s no reason as to why they shouldn’t. “I still hope the BCB [Bangladesh Cricket Board] will reflect on the matter and accept there is no reason for them not to visit Pakistan. If Sri Lanka can come — and bringing them was very high risk because they the ones who suffered in 2009 — then it is safe.”

“What happened in Christchurch was very unfortunate; these sorts of incidents happen all around the world. India is in far greater turmoil from a security perspective now than Pakistan is.”


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