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Bahawalpur man douses wife, mother-in-law in acid over ‘domestic spat’

Bahawalpur man douses wife, mother-in-law in acid over ‘domestic spat’


A man doused his wife and mother-in-law in acid allegedly over a domestic spat in the district’s Ahmedpur East city, police confirmed on Wednesday.

According to police, the women sustained burn wounds and were immediately shifted to the tehsil headquarters (THQ) hospital after the incident, which occurred in Muhalla Sarwar Shah. The suspect could not be caught as he escaped, they said. A first information report (FIR) was registered at the City Ahmedpur East police station.

This is why women march

Everyday a new rape or domestic violence case comes up. And most of times, they involve women who can’t raise their voice. The Aurat March, which has everyone on their toes at the moment, is organised to help such women. The women and men who’ll be marching at the Aurat march will be doing so for the minor girl who gets raped and killed, for the wife who got beaten up, for the daughter who got married at 14, for the unpaid labour each and every women does.

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