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8 Reasons Why 2019 Is The Year Of The Woman

8 Reasons Why 2019 Is The Year Of The Woman


I know I know, you’re sick and tired of hearing that. But the truth is that women’s living standards do keep improving. They are finally being recognized for their achievements, and as a result, have impacted our country for the better. Here are 8 reasons why this year will actually be the year of the women!

Best crime fighters

Starting from one that was from last year but was announced this year, Lahore’s best crime fighter for 2018 was Dr Anoosh Masood Chaudhry. According to the annual performance report of Lahore police’s investigation wing, Dr Anoosh has been ranked the top crime investigator as, under her supervision, the investigation wing of Model Town division police successfully submitted challans of 74 per cent of crime cases in local courts. And who said a woman cannot be in law enforcement?

Best social fighters

Meesha Shafi fights harasser and didn’t back down from her fight against Ali Zafar. Even after a media smear campaign by her alleged harasser, Meesha hasn’t just stayed strong-she fought back. Her case has even gotten landmark decisions passed that have defined the employee-employer relationship.

Women United

AuratMarch 2019 was bigger and better than ever. However, the people who attended it and the organizers became targets for men who just weren’t ready for this! But they persisted; like women always do. And for that, we commend them.

Worker force increasing

The female labour force just keeps increasing. Right now, it is just at 25%. But it has shown to be increasing every year. With more jobs for women, comes more independent women.

Breaking multiple barriers

Helena Saeed becomes Pakistan’s first female Addl IGP. Hailing from Quetta, Helena is not only the first female to achieve this milestone but she’s also the first individual to have done it from Balochistan. Currently, she is the highest ranking female officer of the Police Service of Pakistan (PSP).

Women helping women

Tanzila Khan’s app will deliver sanitary pads to your doorstep in an effort to make life easier for women with periods. Tanzila, who herself is disabled, aim’s to make the app available all over Pakistan, making a point about limited access to affordable and hygienic sanitary materials and disposal options which have left many to manage their periods in ineffective, uncomfortable and unhygienic ways.

Sports teams just getting better

Pakistan literally just won it’s first Women’s ODI Championship, all thanks to the great leader ship of Sana Mir. Women have been absent in sport in Pakistan-besides the few exception. However, with wins, things change. KEEP IT UP!

Literacy is improving

Literacy for women is improving, especially in Punjab. Literacy rate is 62% with 72% male and 54% female during 2017-18 as compared to 61% all over Punjab with 71% male and 52% female literacy rate in 2015-16. This year’s figures have yet to come out, but the trend has been upward moving for some time now, so it is predicted to increase.

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