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Ambulance used in hospitals
Minister of Industries Hammad Azhar presents the budget for FY2020-2021
Concept picture for minor girl for Lahore police article
Picture of handcuffs on man to signify being arrested for blasphemy
Babar and Imam bumping fists
building collapse in lyari
HUM TV logo
Shoaib Akhtar celebrating after a wicket
Picture showing the terrible air quality in Karachi over a busy road
Citizens queue to get tested for covid-19 in the capital Islamabad
Picture of drugs seized
Image of a sugar mill in operation
Image showing ward bed in Pakistani hospitals
Image of plane crash site showing houses and debris, to be used for black box article
Red Diesel oil spill seen on top of a river
A mural of george floyd spray painted on a wall
Photo of woman taking a picasso painting off the shelf
Image of buses overturned by the cyclone