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Aurat March releases Urdu version of Chilean protest song

Aurat March releases Urdu version of Chilean protest song


The Aurat March released the Urdu version of a Chilean protest song a few days ago that takes aim at the patriarchal system and highlights atrocities committed against women around the world.

Created by Valparaiso feminist collective, Las Tesis, ‘A Rapist in Your Path’ is based on Argentinian anthropologist Rita Laura Segato’s work. However, Aurat March has made some revisions to the feminist protest song by including feudal lords as part of the patriarchal system. The anthem primarily focuses on rape culture and victim-blaming and how patriarchy has made women’s existence “a crime”. It also demands that the misogynistic narrative be shifted from the survivor to perpetrator and away from how honour is considered to be women’s responsibility in the culture.

The anthem

The women who performed it in Karachi had draped cloth over their faces in exactly the same manner as the Chilean protesters had done so to bring attention to the message and not the individuals; to ensure their security was maintained by keeping their identity hidden.


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