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Aurat March organisers: Opponents of Aurat Azadi March oblivious to suffering of women

Aurat March organisers: Opponents of Aurat Azadi March oblivious to suffering of women


Civil society and Aurat Azadi March organisers on Friday rejected what they called religious and rightwing political parties’ propaganda and threats against the march and reiterated to continue their struggle for basic rights.

At a joint press conference, the speakers called on the local administration to take measures to ensure it was held peacefully without any interference from rightwing elements. The press conference was organised by Aurat Azadi March in collaboration with Women’s Democratic Front (WDF), Awami Workers Party (AWP), Women’s Action Forum, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ), Mazdoor Kissan Party (MKP) and Progressive Students Federation and others. They said opponents of the march were oblivious to the reality and suffering of Pakistani women who had been violently victimised and repressed for decades in all walks of life.

What else happened in the press conference?

They said the march was taking place because of the stark gender inequalities in Pakistan from mass female illiteracy to their economic exploitation within and outside home, to rising domestic and public violence, high levels of child and forced marriages to denial of inheritance and property rights and exclusion in decision-making structures at all levels.

Organisers and civil society representatives say all demands are well within the rights granted to women by Islam and Constitution

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