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Attock assistant commissioner forced to retract statement on equal rights

Attock assistant commissioner forced to retract statement on equal rights


Attock: Assistant Commissioner Jannat Hussain Nekokara was forced to take her words back on equal rights for everyone. Speaking at the International Human Rights Day event in Attock she talked about equal rights for minorities.

“We should give due rights to non-Muslims Pakistanis, we should give them their due regard, we have unfortunately gotten stuck in these religious divisions, someone identifies as Shia, someone as Sunni, someone as an Ahmadi, someone as a Wahabi, we should dissolve these differences and instead identify ourselves only as Muslims and Pakistanis,” she said.

After her speech a bunch of intimidating students came to the
district administration building. They demanded an explanation over grouping Ahmadis with other Muslims in her speech.

In her explanation AC Nekokara clarified that she never called Ahmadi’s muslims.

“I talked about minority rights, I spoke about rights of non-Muslim Pakistanis, maybe I should have not even mentioned the word Ahmadi in that, then I spoke about how we should stay united and not discriminate against anyone so that we can protect against external enemies,” she said.

“They (Ahmadis) are non-Muslim according to the constitution and non-Muslim in my view as well,” she added.

Human rights activist had this to say:

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