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Asad Umar warns of further restrictions if SOP violations continue


Asad Umar warns of further restrictions if SOP violations continue


What happened:

Asad Umar, The Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives while addressing a press conference after the National Command and Operations Centre (NCOC) meeting in Islamabad said that the government will be bound to take stricter measures, if the public does not take the pandemic seriously.

He said that, if the surge in coronavirus cases continued then the government will have to close down more sectors. The government has restricted public gatherings to 300 people but no one seems to abide by this rule which is likely the reason behind the increase in cases. 

Asad Umar stated that the NCOC has noticed the public is not taking the appropriate precautions this time like they were during first wave. “If we still do not make better decisions, if we do not decide to deal with the coronavirus the way we did in the first wave by uniting and cooperating to combat the pandemic, then it pains me to say the situation might be such in a week or two that we have no option but to enforce restrictions on more sectors.”.

He also mentioned the irresponsible behaviour of the opposition regarding coronavirus, according to the minister, the political statements of opposition leaders regarding coronavirus are extremely dangerous because they leave people confused about following SOPs.

The relief package for sectors falling under Covid-19 restrictions will be announced after the NCOC meeting, tomorrow.

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