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Asad Umar Has Landed Another Role, Let’s Hope This One Wins Him His First LSA

Asad Umar Has Landed Another Role, Let’s Hope This One Wins Him His First LSA


Asad Umar seems like he’s here to stay. He has landed his first leading role as the “Chairman” in the movie, “National Assembly’s Standing Committee-Finance edition”. Production is set to begin any day now, with complete transparency promised by the Super star.

Asad Umar made waves in his debut performance as the “Finance Minister” in the “PAK GOV 2018”. However, many critiques felt that he was not doing the best he could has been, relying too much on the Star power of the movies lead actor, Imran Khan. After sometime with the franchise, Asad Umar went his own way, looking for projects that were more suited to him. Gossip magazines speculate that Asad was removed from his role through external pressures from the studio and the financers. Many pointed out he was replaced by Dr Reza, who is has a long history of working with the studio.

Former co-star Imran Khan has been trying to get Asad Umar to rejoin his franchise for some time now, but was rejected every time. Asad Umar wanted a more “meater role”, one source says. While they are owned by the same production house, Asad Umar is trying his best to get a lead nomination for next years LSA’s. with a lead role. While he claims to only make movies for the people, the truth is that his actions show otherwise. He wants recognition for his role, and the truth is that he deserves it.

Asad Umar may have gotten mainstream success now, but he has played important role as a producer for many other projects. He spent 5 years running the largest local studio house, Engro productions. However, with Imran Khan finally getting his lead role, Asad Umar felt it was time for him to live his dream. So he stepped out from behind the camera and into the spotlight.

 However, staring in a movie with Imran Khan cannot be easy. His starpower means he will always have a loyal and strong fan base, willing to defend everything he does. Then there’s Shireen Mazari, a veteran in the game. While many have claimed she such entertainment to work with, she has a tendancy to only speak when everyone else does too. Otherwise, she’s silent.

However, the biggest hurdle had to be the biggest competition in the market right now, “Mujhe Kyun Nikala Gya?” made by Sharif entertainment. After suffering a major box office bomb with the “Panama Case”, Nawaz Sharif and his family have been trying their best to reclaim their time at the top of Pakistani cinema. However, their movies have gotten  a lukewarm response. 

Only time will tell if Asad Umar actually has the star power to be able to stay afloat in this market. Foreign movies, like the “IMF” and “World Bank” have already made deals to premiere within the market. Let’s hope Asad Umar is ready for this.

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