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Angry mob of Muslim nurses take over church, threaten Christian colleagues

Angry mob of Muslim nurses take over church, threaten Christian colleagues


The Footage: A thread was posted by journalist Bilal Farooqi on Twitter, where footage was attached from a Lahori hospital. At first, a mob of angry nurses can be seen marching to the make-shift church with slogans. Upon reaching the church, another video emerges of them sitting inside and reciting ‘naats’.

Background: The make-shift church is reportedly part of the mental hospital’s auditorium, where Sunday Service is offered by the Christian employees in the hospital.

Demands of the mob: The angry mob of Muslim nurses demanded that the ‘church’ be razed and the christian employees convert, or else ‘blasphemy’ cases would be filed against them. They also ordered hospital administration to fire all christian employees. 

Actions taken: According to Azhar Mashwani, a correspondent of the CM Punjab’s office, the issue has been resolved and both parties involved have come to a compromise. He further clarified that this was part of the mental hospital that is used for Sunday Service by the Christian employees.

Reaction: Outrage has poured all over social media asking why no criminal charges are being pressed on these Muslim nurses.
A Twitter user said that this is a direct violation of the blasphemy law and Article 295-A.

Another user questioned what the scenario would be like if the roles were reversed.

Activist Ammar Ali Jan commented on Azhar’s statement commenting how the government had failed yet again to contain extremist elements.

Another user said this is exactly why the EU was right in reconsidering Pakistan’s GSP+ status over human right’s abuses in the country. 

This is one of many cases of minority rights abuse in the medicine community in Pakistan. A few months ago, a nurse was beaten for reciting Christian carols in a hospital and accused of blasphemy.

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