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Amnesty International Issues “Urgent Action” On Severity Of Lahore Smog

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Amnesty International Issues “Urgent Action” On Severity Of Lahore Smog

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Lahore topped the list of world’s most polluted cities for the second consecutive day on Friday. 

Amnesty International issued an “urgent action” warning on Friday regarding the smog that has settled over Lahore. Amnesty International has stated every resident of Lahore is at risk due to the poor air quality.

The international organisation is trying to mobilise supporters around the world to campaign on behest of Lahore’s population and urge the authorities to take swift action.

At 8 AM on Friday, Lahore’s Air Quality Index was recorded at 385 by Air Visual, which is classified as unhealthy. 

In light of the smog, the Punjab government has announced the closure of schools for the third time in the month of November alone. Schools have been districts most affected by the smog, namely Lahore, Faisalabad and Gujranwala. 

Rimmel Mohydin, South Asian campaigner at Amnesty International stated  “The government’s inadequate response to the smog in Lahore raises significant human rights concerns. The hazardous air is putting everyone’s right to health at risk. The issue is so serious that we are calling on our members around the world to write to the Pakistani authorities to tell them to stop downplaying the crisis and take urgent action to protect people’s health and lives.”


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