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America thinks it made history with Biden’s win but the rest of the world is still recovering from Obama’s drone wars

America thinks it made history with Biden’s win but the rest of the world is still recovering from Obama’s drone wars


Congratulations to America for choosing a woke hypocrite over an outright racist. It’s a victory for the United State’s fight in restoring democracy no doubt, but the fact is a majority of US presidents have been responsible for death and destruction in some part of the world, except the esteemed United States.

Joe Biden is spades better than Trump. But if he follows in Obama’s footsteps, the Middle East may become a target again.

The role of elite commando units rose significantly during Obama’s rule along with the use of new technology, including armed drones and cyber weapons. A report by the LA Times states, “The administration built secret drone bases and other facilities in Africa and the Middle East, and added troops and warships in the western Pacific. It also moved troops and equipment to eastern Europe to counter a resurgent Russia.

Joe Biden was part of a leadership which was directly responsible for drone strikes that resulted in thousands of deaths. Here’s an excerpt from the Atlantic from 2016:

Shortly before Obama took office, leaving his job as a United States senator, a CIA drone strike on a funeral in Pakistan killed as many as 41 civilians, an incident that apparently wasn’t enough to cause him to rethink the wisdom of the U.S. approach.

President Obama presided over a drone strike for the first time shortly after taking office, on January 22, 2009. The strike missed its target, and Newsweek reported that Obama was made aware almost immediately that innocents died in the attack. By the end of 2009 the CIA had already conducted its 100th drone strike in Pakistan.”

In 2016, the Obama and Biden led government would drop 26,171 bombs, which comes down to almost 3 bombs an hour, 24 hours a day. 

Biden may be better for the United States, but what about the rest of the world?

The ever smiling Biden is described as a harmless fatherly figure (in comparison to Trump) often rides a choo-choo home, the same Biden who sat tight as drones obliterated innocent civilians in the Middle East to smithereens. Obama’s successor, Donald Trump, blew a general’s head off in a sovereign country just a few months ago because, well, he just can. 

Americans eager for a new era of democracy are frustrated with the rest of the world, who have made the US Presidential election the butt of many jokes, TikToks and Tweets. But the entire world is still watching on, waiting for the next US President to be elected. 

The uncomfortable fact is that the seat of the United States President is a very dangerous one and has in the past been ill intended towards the rest of the world.

While the promise of a better tomorrow and more globally cognisant leadership still remains, the problem is it cannot come about without recognising the bitterness of yesterday. All we ask for is that the promises Biden has made to the blue passport holders of liberty extend the same courtesy to all – especially those who are direct victims of the very seat he’s been elected to.

Catherine Hallahan waits for the celebrations to start in Ballina, North West of Ireland Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020. Ballina is the ancestral home of US Presidential candidate Joe Biden. (AP Photo/Peter Morrison)

Good on you America for removing a racist president, celebrate if you will but please keep the noise down, because from where we’re standing you haven’t achieved a whole lot.

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