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Ali Azmat Plans to Ride A Bike Across Europe For 22 Days

Ali Azmat Plans to Ride A Bike Across Europe For 22 Days


Well, he’s back with an even bigger plan!

The singer took to Facebook to announce that he will be making his way across Europe where he’ll cover 12,000 km in 22 days on a bike.

“It’s going to start from London, England and we’re going to head to France.”


While Azmat didn’t mention when he’ll kick off the trip, we do know that he plans on reaching France by August 2. Covering France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Czech and many more, Azmat will complete a full circle back to London. There are some parts of the journey which cannot be done on bike so he’ll have to take a train, such as getting to France from England. But that doesn’t really dampen the experience does it?

Azmat has previously biked from Karachi to Lahore and has even done a Pakistan tour. So it makes sense for the singer to go international.

“It’s a dream of mine to ride through Europe in good weather which is right about now… except in the northern parts where it would be very cold.”