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Airport turned into drive-in cinema streams Parasite during pandemic

Airport turned into drive-in cinema streams Parasite during pandemic


A Lithuanian airport turned into a drive-in cinema as movie theatres remain closed.

On Wednesday, close to 150 cars turned up at Lithuania’s main international airport to watch the Oscar-winning movie “Parasite” on the airports tarmac surrounded by grounded planes. The Vilnius International Film Festival (Vilnius IFF) teamed up with the city’s airport to create the Aerocinema drive-in, which was only made possible once all flights were grounded.

“We’re offering people a new type of travel through the cinema on the airport tarmac,” organiser Algirdas Ramaska told AFP, standing in front of a screen as tall as a five-storey building.

The cars were parked 2 metres apart with strict social distancing measures in place: only two people were allowed per vehicle. The tickets were for 15 euros ($16) per car with proceeds going to the Vilnius IFF, which operates on a non-profit basis.

Last year, Vilnius airport served five million passengers but it has been standing empty since mid-March when the Baltic EU state imposed its lockdown. However, some passenger flights will resume on May 10.

Lithuania has already reopened open-air restaurants and cafes, along with shops and libraries as infections slowed but cinemas remain closed. Vilnius mayor Remigijus Simasius has offered cafes free use of public spaces saying he wants the capital to become “one giant outdoor cafe”.

The health ministry has confirmed 1,375 cases of the novel coronavirus so far.

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