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#AikCroreLollipops – An Amusingly Thought Provoking Twitter Trend

#AikCroreLollipops – An Amusingly Thought Provoking Twitter Trend


A day ago, PTI held a special event to announce its ‘100 Days Agenda’ should the party come to power after the general elections. And within 24 hours, the opposition parties and their supporters have gone on a tirade, lambasting the potentially unrealistic targets set in the agenda. PML-N has taken center stage in criticizing the agenda. The party has claimed that the 100 Days Agenda is simply a shabby, ill thought out version of PML-N’s “Vision 2025”, which was a development scheme proposed as early as 2013. PML-N leaders have criticized PTI leadership for hastily copying parts of PML-N’s own development plans.

In light of PML-N’s response, the hashtag “#AikCroreLollipops” is doing rounds all over Twitter. It is, in particular, a reference to the 10 million jobs being promised by PTI within five years of coming into power. The idea behind the hashtag is to highlight the “all talk no action” behavior exhibited by PTI.

Here are some amusing yet thought-provoking responses to the 100 Days Agenda, using #AikCroreLollipops.

Too many things going on in this tweet. Is the user referring to military’s suppression of media? If so, wasn’t Nawaz Sharif’s comments on the Mumbai attack under fire? How PTI’s agenda factors into all this is quite a mystery.

If only we channeled such creative energy into productivity.

PTI is surely tapping into its voter base abroad. No hidden fact that Imran Khan has been pushing for the expats right to vote. But, what does this mean for the existing local youth and their job placements?

While this isn’t exactly hilarious a tweet, it is still thought-provoking one. Shehbaz Sharif claimed these comments were made in the heat of the moment. In other words, it was in a state of  ‘josh-e-khitabat’ that Sharif made the claim. Khan, however, unveiled this plan in a fully thought out special event. So, he will perhaps be held more accountable in the claims he is making.

To be fair, Imran Khan’s rise to fame was no short of a Hollywood hero’s. The sudden rise in fame from dharnas is certainly something unprecedented in Pakistani politics.

Quite an interesting wordplay this Twitter user has going on here.

On a serious note, some are pointing out the hypocrisy on both sides.

Additionally, PTI has undertaken a metro project for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa even though they criticize PML-N for doing the same in Punjab. The irony of this situation was certainly not lost on PML-N.

The ‘performance versus plans’ game is one being played by all political players. PTI calls out PML-N for misplaced priorities in development. Meanwhile, PML-N is criticising PTI for being all talk and no action. The crossfire is as age-old as it gets in Pakistani politics. However, it remains to see who will actually deliver on their promises once the election fervor dies down later this year.


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