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Ahmedi doctor gunned down by 16-year old in KPK

Ahmedi doctor gunned down by 16-year old in KPK


What happened?

Abdul Qadir, 65, a resident of Bazid Khel village was gunned down at the entrance to his homoeopathic clinic in the outskirts of Peshawar, on Thursday afternoon.

“Upon hearing the doorbell of the clinic, [Qadir] opened its door and was shot at the doorstep by the culprit,” said Saleemuddin.

“Mr. Qadir was taken immediately to the nearest hospital but due to the severity of his wounds he did not survive the fatal attack.”

What you need to know

According to the police, the attacker was a 16-year-old youth who has been was arrested and the pistol used in the murder has also been recovered from his possession.

“He [the suspect] is just a child who had been brainwashed and sent for the murder. He entered the clinic of Abdul Qadir and opened fire at him, killing him on the spot,” SP Waqar Khan told The Express Tribune.

What’s next

An FIR in the murder is yet to be registered.

According to police, it was a targeted attack and the motive was sectarian.

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