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Abhinandan Mistakenly Purchases Tickets to the Imran Khan Enclosure

Abhinandan Mistakenly Purchases Tickets to the Imran Khan Enclosure


Ahead of the nail biter between India and Pakistan, the tickets for the much anticipated clash has been sold out.


Abhinandan the famous chai drinking Indian Airforce Pilot – who crashed inside Pakistan while trying to take a selfie in Pakistan’s part of Kashmir, took a week off to fly to London to watch the Indo-Pak match but mistakenly bought the tickets to Gaddafi stadium Imran Khan Enclosure in Lahore.

India at first completely denied the allegations but then contradicting remarks started appearing with Modi even going as far as saying;

“Ticket toh aik code tha, bomb ka”

But later stepped back or well silent on his own statement when a plethora of evidence was presented that suggested otherwise. “I would stay silent on the matter….I have just won again, why would I even care”

Modi remarked while talking to a local news outlet

The matter wouldn’t have come in notice, only if Abhinandan hadn’t asked for a refund for the 2000 pkr ticket from the PCB. Abhinandan, whose officially not allowed to talk to the media, allegedly goes by the twitter handle “Chai_Lovinandan” where he supposedly vents out. And after the ticket purchase he tweeted this on his profile:

“Not Again!”

PCB though has denied of any sort of match taking place on 16th of June when India and Pakistan will be playing in England. “Abhinandan was probably trolled like last time”, commented the PCB Chairman.

*This a developing story and we’ll keep you updated as Chai_Lovinandan tweets

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