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Abdul Qavi stripped of “Mufti” title


Abdul Qavi stripped of “Mufti” title


What Happened

In a press conference on Friday, 22 January, Mufti Qavi’s uncle Abdul Wahid Nadeem stated that different people have used Abdul Qavi over the years for media attention. “We are from a respected family involved in religious teaching through Darul Uloom Obaidia in Multan. We are doing the sacred task without any sectarian divide”. He added “With a heavy heart, I announce that we have withdrawn the title of Mufti (scholar) from him. He should not be addressed as Mufti anymore as he has damaged our family and its respect. We have seized his mobile phones and now he is under treatment for mental illness he is suffering from”

Earlier Developments

Qavi was brought into the spotlight once again after Tiktok star Hareem Shah posted a video of him getting slapped. The video instantly went viral on social media and Shah was applauded by many. In recent developments, Shah alleged Abdul Qavi of sexually harassing her, “He physically harassed both of us.” states Shah in an interview with a local news channel.

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What you need to know

Currently, the family of the former religious scholar is keeping him isolated and is now getting him psychiatric help. Dr Hafiz Abdul Kabir, a personal physician of the scholar, said Qavi’s “thoughts were not in his control. Now we will try to keep him away from the public eye. He has been isolated in his house,” he said.

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