A Playlist for People who don’t...

A Playlist for People who don’t Love Drake

Drake, or Drizzy (as known on Twitter), is one of the most popular entertainers in the world and his current album Scorpion, broke Spotify’s global one-day record for album streams with 132.45 million streams. However, if Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’ isn’t your jam and you aren’t interested in doing the Keke challenge, we’ve got you covered. 

The following is a playlist for people who might like Drake but don’t want to listen to him 24/7:

1. For times when you want to kick it old school

2. Bring in those weekend feels 

3. Let Jon Bellion get you through that rough patch

4. Our favourite song by SomeWhatSuper

5. This amazing song by Benny, Halsey and Khalid

6. Whats life without the bright side?

7. This No. 1 Australian Single

8. The song you need in your playlist if you don’t have it already

9. And lastly, the song we’ll be listening to all week

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