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Pakistani MUA Brings Noor Jehan Back To Life

Pakistani MUA Brings Noor Jehan Back To Life


Makeup artist Shoaib Khan is nailing transformations right on the mark, with his latest being a recreation of an iconic Noor Jehan look

Shoaib Khan is a well known makeup artist and stylist who has worked with plenty of Pakistani models, like Zara Peerzada, Sadaf Kanwal, and Rehmat Jawal, to name a few.

Recently, Shoaib has been doing recreations of famous celebrity/pop culture looks with his most popular one being that of Maleficent. Shoaib has struck the internet speechless once again however as he pays tribute to iconic singer Noor Jehan.

In this Instagram post, Shoaib writes, “I still remember watching her on TV and feeling star struck in an instant. This is my attempt to send a tribute to this everlasting symbol of beauty” accompanied by three images of his look, with a comparison of his recreation and original as well.

One can not help but highly appreciate the intention to detail apart from the makeup. Everything from the hair to the jewelry has been recreated.

We hope to see more innovative looks like these from Shoaib and other Pakistani makeup artists too!

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