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A Green Guide To The 7 Best Online Plant Stores

A Green Guide To The 7 Best Online Plant Stores


To give your homes a more vibrant and fresh look, it’s always a good option to opt for some greenery. With spring approaching, now is the best time to invest in plants or flowers to brighten up your habitat. If you wish to become a plant mom or dad, you’re definitely in the right place. We’ve created a list of local stores which are efficiently dealing in high quality and reasonably priced plants, succulents and flowers. Get ready to get your gardens blooming!

The Plants – @theplants21

‘The Plants’ is an exquisite succulent design studio which offers a vast variety of succulents, all grown in small decorated pots, that will make perfect hand pieces for your home. Why succulents you ask? Because of their hardiness and ability to grow in a wide variety of climates. Luckily, they don’t require much maintenance either, making it perfect if you’re an individual  that finds it difficult to manage plants.

Blue bird Echeveria

Herbage Stonefly – @herbage.stonefly

‘Herbage Stonefly’ is a one stop shop for your gardening commodities. They provide you with the finest plants, seeds and tools to fulfill your gardening needs. They also sell an array of small indoor pot plants; ones that are beautifully decorated and easy to manage. If you’re seeking to redecorate your homes or gardens for a fresher and greener look, Herbage Stonefly is your go to store.  


Tiny Plants by Zoha – @Tinyplantsbyzo

‘Tiny Plants’ by Zoha is a house for potted plants, succulents and cacti that are beautifully curated to make perfect home décor. They have a variety of small potted plants and succulents that are neatly cut and decorated in equally fine-looking plant pots. Looking for a gift for plant lovers? These potted plants are surely your best option! 

Strawberry Plant

Morpho by Mahnoor M – @Morpho.pk

Morpho by Mahnoor M is a woman lead business that provides customers with unique, hand crafted and artisanal homewares. They specialize in creating hand painted pots made of concrete paired with a number of plants and succulents of your choice. Morpho by Mahnoor M is the ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor plant décor! 

Limited Edition Stock

Succulent Jungle Pakistan – @Succulent_jungle_pakistan

Succulent Jungle Pakistan is dedicated to bringing succulent plants in different sizes. They offer rare types such as Sansevieria, Pachypodium, Haworthia and many more. Succulent Jungle presents various deals through which one can order multiple house plants at the most reasonable prices. Order from Succulent Jungle Pakistan to get the best plant deals! 

Mix Plants Pot

Podey Shodey – @Podeyshodey

Podey Shodey is a joint venture started by two friends, Sadia and Sadaf. It is their fondness for a clean and green environment that compelled them to join hands together. Apart from retailing potted plants, they also sell enchanting garden decor which includes hanging-bird furniture and interesting bird feeders. If you’re searching for an online store with passionate owners and a range of products, this is definitely the perfect spot for you.

Reduce and Recycle – @Reduceandrecyclepk

The idea behind Reduce and Recycle is to make sustainable items accessible and affordable in Pakistan. They fulfill their consumers needs by displaying quality houseplants that give your indoor places a cool and calming décor look. Check out their ‘Syngonium Glass Planter’ that will fit perfectly in your home office, giving it a green and bright vibe! 

Syngonium Glass Planter
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