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A ‘Cosmetics Control Bill 2021’ will soon be presented before PA

A ‘Cosmetics Control Bill 2021’ will soon be presented before PA


What happened

On Thursday, Punjab Law Minister Raja Basharat announced that a Cosmetics Control Bill 2021 will soon be presented before the provincial assembly in order to ensure strict action against the sub-standard cosmetic manufacturers and sellers across the province, reported ARY news. 

The expected bill will help the authorities to ban hazardous cosmetic items, Raja Basharat said.


Previously, the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA), which is responsible for checking the quality of cosmetics products, in the month of December issued notices to beauty cream and cosmetics manufacturers over serious health concerns and has termed a ‘major health hazard’.

What you should know

“No one would be allowed to play with lives of masses for earning money,” Raja Basharat said while chairing a meeting to discuss the bill.

Basharat maintained that the bill is aimed towards bringing the production of cosmetics products under the bounds of the law to guarantee the health of the masses as several cosmetic products are affecting their lives.

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