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A black hole that can blast a hole through galaxies is pointed at the Earth

A black hole that can blast a hole through galaxies is pointed at the Earth


US Scientists have discovered the oldest and most distant “blazar,”

Super massive black hole that spews out mind-boggling amounts of light, at the edge of space and time.

It is said that the object is nearly 13 billion years old, but scientists were able to detect it because it is so “radio-loud,” meaning it is incredibly luminous even from afar.

But what are blazers?

Blazars are a special class of active galactic nuclei (AGN), which are galactic centers defined by super massive black holes that feed on large amounts of in falling gas, dust, and stars.

As this material falls into the black hole, it becomes extremely hot and energetic, sparking the release of luminous jets of matter and radiation that travel close to the speed of light.

What separates blazars from regular AGN?

The difference is their orientation toward Earth: In order to be considered a blazar, the jets from these objects have to be pointed directly at us. As a result, they are among the brightest objects in the sky, and can be used to estimate the overall population of similarly radiant AGN.

“Observing a blazar is extremely important,” said US scientists in a statement. “For every discovered source of this type, we know that there must be 100 similar, but most are oriented differently, and are therefore too weak to be seen directly.”

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