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A 10 year Girl Was Raped And Killed And It Took 4 Days For The Police To Launch An FIR

A 10 year Girl Was Raped And Killed And It Took 4 Days For The Police To Launch An FIR

Hussain Saeed

The body of a minor girl was found from the federal capital’s Shahzad Town on Tuesday. According to police, the 10-year-old identified as Farishta was killed after being allegedly raped, with her body thrown in the forest afterwards.

The girl’s family belong to Mohmand Agency and the minor had gone missing on May 15. The body had been moved to Poly Clinic for post mortem, however, no post-mortem has been done till today. The girl’s family are protesting against the delay in conducting a post-mortem and said authorities took four days to register a first information report.

Social Media mourns

Social media soon blew up with the news, and the #JusticeforFarishta was trending within the country. People are disgusted with the idea of such an act being carried out, and how long it took for the police to respond.

Why can’t the police act on time?

After the rape and murder of 7 year old Zainab, social media and society were up in arms at how such acts continue to happen un-prosecuted. During the investigation for that case, the police was blamed for their incompetence, as it was the family which found the footage of the rapist, not the police.

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time justice has been delayed. Just last week, a 15 year old girl was kidnapped and raped, and it took a viral video from the mother to get the police to register an FIR in that case too. The police consistently shows that unless influence is used to add pressure on them, they will not act swiftly. Whether it is influence of your social status or social media pressure; justice only exists for the influential.

And just a few days ago, news broke out of a 22 year old student being gang raped by policemen. 4 suspects including three police officials, were handed over to the police for five-day physical remand. Reports have revealed that the families of suspects have been pressurizing the victim’s parents to drop their allegations and wrap the case through acts of contrition. And this is the problem with the situation; the police put all their efforts into making themselves look good, but nothing into actually dispensing justice.

Government response

Last night, MNA Ali Wazir decided to update everyone on what is going on. According to him, the girl’s body was in such a bad state, that they were waiting for the on-call doctor to arrive. He had been waiting for 2 hours, and the doctor still had not come. Furthermore, he added that this delay is the fault of the police, and those on duty who failed to do their job should also be punished. Hopefully that will happen.