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9 things you need to adopt for a boho-chic lifestyle

9 things you need to adopt for a boho-chic lifestyle


Let’s be honest, we all have pinned tens of boho-chic inspired posts on our Pinterest accounts. This laid-back and unconventional style is an amalgamation of colourful yet subtle designs. Originally influenced by Czech culture, the bohemian style has now become a mainstream aesthetic. The reason bohemian is never going out of style is that there are no hard and fast rules. A muted living space with a hanging macrame is as much boho as a colourfully layered dress.

Fortunately, we have done the hard work of curating local bohemian products so you don’t have to travel in a gipsy van or pin inspirations to embrace a boho sense of style.

Here’s a guide to all you need to adopt a boho-chic lifestyle:

1. Traditional Rattan and Cane Chair by Maskan 

Maskan (@maskan.homes) fuses nostalgic nuance with the allure of modern artisanship. 

Their traditional rattan and cane chair is a must-have for any bohemian inspired living space

It is crafted intricately with the cane and costs Rs. 15,500.

Check them out here!

2. Hand Woven Yarn Lamps by Naari 

The ideology behind Naari (@naari.pk) is very bohemian. Yarn Lamps were the first product they ever launched. 

Each lamp is unique and can never be replicated exactly, as each string in the lamp is individually hand pulled.

Their lamps are between Rs. 8,000 and Rs. 15,000. 

Visit them here!

3. Mandala Wall Panels by Boho Kaya

Boho Kaya (@boho.kaya) has an ensemble of boho goods inspired by designs from around the world. 

The eclectic range of handcrafted Mandal Wall Panels is inspired by the legendary bird simurgh known for colourful feathers and extraordinary healing power.

Prices of smaller mandalas start from Rs. 3,000.

Check them out here!

4. Macrame Earrings from MacraMade by Sarah 

MacraMade by Sarah (@macramadebysarah) surrounds everything related to macrame art from both minimalist to complex and intricate designs. 

Threads used in making these earrings are imported to maintain quality.

The prices start from Rs. 2,000.

Order now!

5. Moon Mirror by Bo-Hoe 

The concept behind Bo-Hoe (@bo_hoe.pk) is to provide people with a bohemian lifestyle and products. 

Their best seller Moon inspired Mirror is made with clay and is perfect to add in any corner of your house.

The price of the mirrors start from Rs. 2,500 and go up depending on the size.

Visit Bo-Hoe here!

6. Boho Macrame Wall Hanging by Macramenigaar 

Macramenigaar (@macramenigaar) offers a wide range of boho inspired products ranging from wall hangings to table runners. 

Their large 30 inches Boho Macrame Wall hanging is made with jute and a real tree branch

Hang it in the lobby to give people a bohemian vibe, as soon as they enter your house. The price of their products starts from Rs. 750.

Check them out here!

7. Bohemian Style Tapestry by Kafka Design and co

No bohemian style home is complete without a tapestry. Kafka Design and co (@kafka.pk) makes unconventional design elements, mainstream. 

Their Tapestry is made with 100% sustainable polyester.

The price ranges between Rs. 1,500 to 2,500.

Get it now here!

8. Embriodered La Tartane Dress by Boho by Sania 

Boho by Sania (@bohobysania) produces designs for on-the-go, chic and confident women.

Embroidered La Tartane Dress is made with intricate traditional embroidery and  is perfect for a boho-chic vibe .

The dress is priced at Rs. 10,500.

Get it now, from here

9. Throws by Ombre by Aman

Ombre by Aman (@ombrebyaman) specialises in modern designs inspired by traditional stitches.  These throws have colourful printed patchwork, katcha tanka work or ralli patchwork. 

Kabeer Ralli throws usually take 500 days to complete.

Customers can get their throws on sale for Rs.12,750.

Check them out here!  

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