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9 Random Facts You Don’t Need To Know

9 Random Facts You Don’t Need To Know


Reasons why you should read this article:

  1. It’s a Monday and you might not have anything better to do. 
  2. While this article will not contribute in away way to your general or political knowledge, you might have a good laugh (no promises).
  3. A very minute amount of effort was put into curating this article and this humble albeit lazy writer appreciates your viewership.

Time is of the essence and the average reader loses interest after approximately 500 words so let’s jump right into it:

Fact #1 Rats have very ticklish necks and emit high frequency chirps that can be interpreted as laughter

Fact #2 The gene that allows us to see shades of red is located on the ‘X’ chromosome, of which men only have 1. So don’t call your man colourblind if he can’t tell the difference between crimson and maroon.

Fact #3 Due to it’s size, China should have five different time zones but instead they only have one. Due to which some areas remain in darkness after 10 AM.

Fact #4 A recent study of 5,000 pot smokers by UCSF and University of Alabama showed that individuals that smoke a few joints a week actually had stronger lung capacity and external blowing force than non-users. Moreover, a 2005 UCLA paper also shows that marijuana smoke might actually help to prevent lung cancer…

Fact #5 In Switzerland it is illegal to own just one guinea pig since they are social animals and are considered victims of abuse if they are alone.

Fact #6 7% of Americans(16.4 million adults) believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows (true). This 7% voted for Trump (possibly true).

Fact #7 Heart attacks have a 20% more chance of happening between 4 – 10 AM on Mondays. But you already had a feeling this was true. 

Fact #8 A swarm of 20,000 bees followed a car for two days because their queen bee was stuck inside. 

Fact #9 If a person lives to the age of 80, they would have walked a total distance of 110,000 miles in their lifetime, which is equivalent of walking five times around the world. 

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