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9 places in Pakistan with groovy clay jewellery that’ll make you feel like an 80s diva

9 places in Pakistan with groovy clay jewellery that’ll make you feel like an 80s diva


Jewellery is supposed to be playful and fun. A good statement piece can change up your entire look and style which shows just how important jewellery is, and a style that is trending right now is clay jewellery. However, finding the perfect clay accessories, that too on a budget, is a difficult feat to accomplish.

Here are 9 brands in Lahore that sell unique clay jewellery to make that task easier! 

1. Her pieces are more artistic and feel-good instead of the basic jewellery styles

Sundas Aslam stumbled upon the idea of clay jewellery and decided to make it her own through her brand CLAY (@claybysundas). Her handmade jewellery comes from a deep rooted need in her to make something that she can share with the world. She believes jewellery is an intrinsic piece of an outfit and it should be fun and lively. Her designs are all inspired by the latest trends and what she believes her customers will truly enjoy. She takes her time on research and curating the best designs instead of rushing her work just to put something out. 

She recently launched a floral collection in celebration of summer which will blend perfectly with all your summer outfits.

Her pieces are priced between the range of Rs. 500 to Rs. 1200, depending on how much effort goes into making a single piece. 

Check out her designs here!

source (@claybysundas)
source (@claybysundas)

2. Her clay jewellery has an extremely popular demand

Aleezae Rashid is an architecture student who is taking the clay jewellery world by storm. Her brand, Aleezae’s Art Store (@aleezaesartstore), was founded when she made clay jewellery for her friend as a gift and just happened to post on her Instagram. After seeing the demand for her clay jewellery, she finally decided to open her own shop with her unique designs. 

All her pieces take inspiration from local and international trends.

Each design is perfected to fit her own ideal jewellery style to ensure that it’s something that’s wearable with any outfit. 

Her price range is between Rs. 250 to Rs. 1000. 

Check out her cute and playful designs here!

source (@aleezaesartstore)
source (@aleezaesartstore)

3. This art student loves experimenting and it lead her to clay jewellery

Ariza started her own jewellery brand, Whimsically Clayful (@whimsically.clayful), after a long battle with local Pakistani shops to find something that spoke to her unique style. She wanted to find something new and different that bordered on the lines of outrageous yet still elegant. Her designs are all meant to be statement pieces that strike up a conversation or two, they’re meant to turn heads and if that’s what you’re into her brand is perfect for you. All her jewellery is handmade and she runs every aspect of the business herself to ensure a quality experience. 

The task is a difficult one because she believes that every jewellery piece must be perfect so that her customers are never disappointed, but she enjoys the thrill that comes with it.

Her pieces are priced between Rs. 250 to Rs. 1200 and she’s launching a fun, surprise collection real soon so be on the lookout for that. 

Check out her page and work here!

source (@whimsically.clayful)
source (@whimsically.clayful)

4. This mother of 5 has a passion for art and she’s not afraid to show it

Sahar, with her 5 beautiful children, was always on the lookout for a way to express herself that wasn’t too time consuming and messy. This led her to creating her brand Polymer Clay Land (@polymerclaylandpakistan). After years of channeling her creativity into paintings and artistic cakes, she finally found something that truly spoke to her and made her feel passionate about her work. Her designs are all authentic but are of course inspired by the latest trends and styles.

She focuses on lightweight designs that can be paired with any outfit for a touch of authenticity.

Her items are priced between the range of Rs. 150 to Rs. 550 and she hopes to release more stuff soon. 

Click here to check out her work!

source (@polymerclaylandpakistan)
source (@polymerclaylandpakistan)

5. Her architecture degree and a passion for arts has brought a unique aspect to her designs

Claygari (@claygari) is a brand started by Sehreen Fahad that came out of the boredom of lockdown. She’s a mother of two and after her marriage didn’t have much time to explore different avenues but she finally set out to do it in lockdown and came across polymer clay, which was a relatively new medium for her. She works on everything by herself, from the designs to the thought process behind packaging, everything is her own. With time, she has add variations in her technique so that there is something for everyone. 

Her designs take on a very traditional feel to polymer clay jewellery and if you’re looking for something on the more Pakistani side of it then you’ve found the right place.

Her work is priced between Rs. 400 to Rs. 2500. 

Check out her stuff here!

source (@claygari)
source (@claygari)

6. She wanted to contribute in making polymer clay jewellery a trend in Pakistan

Naveera Azhar is a creative 19 year old with her own jewellery brand Nav Treasures (@nav.treasures). It started out as just a hobby, something that she did only for herself. However, seeing the popular international trends and seeing a lack of polymer clay jewellery in the market she decided to share her art with the world so that Pakistan could keep up with the trends as well. 

Her initial designs take inspiration from many different avenues but with time and experience she now brings out her own designs and unique work.

Her pieces are very attentive towards detail and thus her prices range from Rs. 400 to Rs. 800.

Visit her page here!

source (@nav.treasures)
source (@nav.treasures)

7. These clay rings are the most fun piece of jewellery you will own

This 23 year old is an aspiring dentist with a passion for fun clay jewellery. Her brand Clay Drip (@claydrip) currently works with polymer clay rings. They are chunky, colourful and look stunning when you layer them, which makes them the perfect stylish accessory for your summer outfits. Her designs usually take inspiration from Pinterest trends and then she adds her own modifications to them to make them unique. 

She also customises rings on her clientele’s demand so that there is no style that they can’t find in the market.

Her prices range from Rs. 550 to Rs. 750 for a bundle of 3 rings or more. 

Check them out here!

source (@claydrip)
source (@claydrip)

8. Each piece is perfected by hand so that no flaw is left behind

Hafsa is the mastermind behind Clay O Clock (@clay.oclock). She is an artist with an aim to provide a little bit of loveliness to everyone in the form of her stunning polymer clay jewellery. Each piece is handmade and her designs are extremely simplistic so that you can pair them with both eastern and western wear. 

All her designs are inspired by local trends and she keeps them all within a specific style so that her jewellery pieces are a trademark to her brand.

Her work is priced at an average of Rs. 400 to Rs. 1300. 

Click here to check out her work!

source (@clay.oclock)
source (@clay.oclock)

9. Their pieces come out on a limited release basis

Clay Land (@clay.land) is a Pakistani brand that has customised clay products for all your clay needs. Their work is meant to be unique and they give their pieces a very gemstone vibe which makes them look fancy and unmatched by all others in the polymer clay business. They ensure that each piece is perfected down to the smallest detail so that their customers keep coming back.

Besides the stunning jewellery she has also made the extremely popular face jewellery trays for you to check out!

Her items are priced starting around Rs. 350. 

Visit their page and check out their work here

source (@clay.land)
source (@clay.land)

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