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9 Pizza Places To Avoid At All Costs In Lahore

9 Pizza Places To Avoid At All Costs In Lahore

Hussain Saeed

Disclaimer: These views belong to our social media audience and do not represent views of ProperGaanda itself.

After the success of our previous articles, we decided to go back to what got us started on our food stories. For our next food piece, we decided to talk about a universally love food item, pizza. If any of you want to be part of our discussion, follow us on on Instagram @propergaanda and weigh in on our daily discussions!

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Now here we go, the 9 Pizza places to avoid:

1.Pizza Hut

One of the most popular fast food chains in the world, Pizza Hut’s standards have fallen throughout the years. As one of the most voted restaurants by our community, Pizza Hut has shown to us that you can be popular and still not the best. Many of our respondents felt that Pizza Hut’s pizzas are becoming smaller, and way too doughy.

2. Gourmet

Everyone’s favorite bakery was bound to make it’s way onto one of our lists. Most of our respondents called out bakery pizzas as being sub-par, with Gourmet getting a special shout out for how bad their pizza was. One respondent said that everything from Gourmet tastes the same, including their pizza. Which is a bit of a let done.

3. Manhattan Bites

Obviously one of our communities choices for worst restaurants was going to make the cut. Like we said there, Manhattan Bites used to be pretty good back in the the day. However, overtime the pizza became way too doughy, just becoming glorified cheese naan, with a little bit of tomato sauce.

4. Mozzarella 27

Mozarella 27 had a lot of hype when it first opened up, especially given it’s name. However many felt that the pizza was too much like desi pizza, which is fine in general. But it cost as much as places like Pizza Hut. Why would anyone pay high-end pizza price for pizza that could be had for half the price?

5. Broadway Pizza

Like Manhattan Bites before it, Broadway Pizza really tried it’s best to fill the demand for New York Style Pizza. However, Broadway was considered too doughy for most people’s liking. A couple of our respondents talked about how terrible the stuffed crust was, a staple for any Pizza place.

6. California Crust

California Crust failed to make a good impression on our social media community. They said the pizza was overcooked and way too oily. One respondent even said that their advertisements couldn’t even make their pizzas even look edible. OUCH!

7. Cakes and Bakes

Another bakery to make the list! The one of the reason why bakeries keep making this list is because most of their food is pre-made, including their pizza. While cold pizza does have a flare of it’s own, there’s a difference between cold pizza and stale pizza, according to our respondents.

8. The Brickhouse

The Brickhouse is an outlier within our list. Unlike all the other places, it markets itself towards the more expensive side, similar to how Cosa Nostra markets itself. And the truth is, the market has space for more pizza like this. Unfortunately, The Brickhouse did not live up to the marketing. One of respondents said that he ordered twice from the place, and both times the food was under-cooked. What a waste.

9. Papa Johns

Our last pizza place is one that is also pretty popular, Papa Johns. Many of our respondents called it a second-hand Pizza Hut. And given that Pizza Hut was literally on the top of our list, you can imagine how bad this place is-at least according to our respondents.