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9 Of The Best Chai Places In Lahore

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9 Of The Best Chai Places In Lahore

Hussain Saeed

These are views of our social media audience and do not represent views of ProperGaanda itself.

After our piece on the best desserts to get in Lahore, we decided to go after one of everyone’s favorite chai places. Pakistanis love their chai, and the PG community is no different. After going for all the foods that people would want, we thought it would a great idea to check out the best places to get chai in Lahore. If any of you want to be part of our discussion, follow us on on Instagram @propergaanda and weigh in on our daily discussions!

Now here we go, the 9 best places to get Chai in Lahore:

1. Sarrak Pe Karrak

Described by many as a “Dhaba with a twist”, Sarrak Pe Karrak has taken Lahore by storm in it’s short time open. With great food, amazing atomosphere, and most importantly, insanely good chai, this place is here to stay. You can play ludo while indulging in one of the best chai places in the city, according to our respondents.

2. Mcdonalds

Now you might be surprised by this, but our respondents swear by the chai at the fast food chain. Mcdonalds in the past few years has been expanding their services in Pakistan, starting with the breakfast meals to the full-blown McCafe. The reason they’ve been able to expand is because they know what works for them and what doesn’t. And their Chai is one of their products that has stayed throughout the years, because it’s so good.

3. What a Paratha

Another place with another signature dish that’s been able to make great chai! Known for their diverse parathas, What a Paratha has been able to create the perfect chai that goes well with an oily paratha. Most of our respondents did say that their main courses have fluctuated over time, but not their chai. That’s always been great.

4. Chai Khana

If you hadn’t noticed, most of the Chai places we have mentioned are comparatively on the more expensive end of the scale. This is because a part of society wants to recreate the chai dhaba experience, but for a different demographic. Many say this takes away from the experience of dhaba’s by making them more exclusive, but places like this do serve great chai though. Chai Khana is the perfect example of this. Great food, great chai but just a little expensive. Most of our respondents loved everything about this place, even with the high prices. That’s what you call good chai.

5. Chai Kada

This is one of those places that has tried to recreate the dhaba expereince without losing the best parts of what makes dhaba culture good. The seating is authentic to the experience, with bright colours everywhere. But most importantly, the chai is to die for, atleast according to our respondents.

6. Chai Junction

Another place located in Gulberg, Chai Junction has been able to really make a name for itself. The best part about this place is that the rest of it’s menu is pretty good too, at least according to our respondents.

7. Chit Chaat

Like the previous entry, this place has been able to drawn in people with their amazing food and complimentary chai. Our respondents talked about how much they loved the chai within this place, making it one of the most voted places within our list.

8. Maro Tandoors

Known for the great naans, Maro Tandoor has been able to make the great chai to go with uniquely made naans like Nutella, pizza and so on. This is a pretty hard feat to accomplish, given how many restaurants are replicating this model. But Maro Tandoor was one of the first, and have been able to compete with the best of the rest.

9. Lakshmi Chowk Chai Stalls

To end our list, we decided to go for a special chai place, Kashmiri Chai. The best Kashmiri chai in Lahore will hands down be from Lakshmi Chowk Chai Stalls! Nearly all our respondents said that if you wanted to have great Kashmiri chai, go here. Hands down, go there.

Let us know what you thought of our community choices, and comment to let us know what all you want us to cover.


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