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Check out these 9 bakers in Karachi making warm, home-made cookies

Check out these 9 bakers in Karachi making warm, home-made cookies


Cookies are the one thing that will never go out of taste. They can be baked in so many different flavours, sizes and are the perfect climax to any and all meals. The delicious goodies taste best when they are homemade, especially if it’s by a baker who’s passionate and truly has the best recipes to make cookies. 

Here are 9 bakers in Karachi that bake the best tasting cookies. 

1. This business stems from the saying “If you can’t find it, make it.” 

Maria Ahmed, a.k.a Mana, as nicknamed by her nephews and niece, started Mana’s Cookie Co. (@manascookieco) in 2011. What started simply as a small home based business  has now evolved into a well known brand that still maintains its original quality. She believes freshness is a way of life and ensures that reflects into the cookies she bakes. Her delicious flavours include “Dark Red Velvet Cookie”, “Salted Caramel with Pretzels Cookie” and the “Coffee Cake Cookie”. 

They even offer unique items such as a KETO friendly cookie and an item entitled the “Colossal Cookie”. 

Their cookies range in price from Rs. 150 to Rs. 300 per cookie and have gifting cookie baskets as well! 

Place an order for these delicacies here

source (@manascookieco)
source (@manascookieco)

2. This mother daughter duo runs a home based bakery with the best NYC style cookies 

These desserts from Ma’s Bakehouse (@masbakehouse) stay true to their name to deliver comfort and love in a cookie. They have cookies that are blanketed in the soft and chunky style of American cookies. Their products are baked fresh daily with the best of tried and tested ingredients. They have flavours such as “Funfetti” and “The Banana Bread Cookie”. 

They also debut a special flavour each month for example “Basque Cheesecake” and “Cinnamon Roll”. 

The price ranges between Rs. 249 to Rs. 399. 

Get some for yourself here

source (@masbakehouse)
source (@masbakehouse)

3. This mother of two chose to use science to perfect her recipes 

Sana Parekh is a science teacher who understands that baking is just a balance of ingredients. She incorporated this into her recipes and launched her business Sugar Drizzle (@sugar_drizzle). They are a one stop solution to all your cookie cravings with quality products and stunning packaging that make for the best gifting opportunities. 

They have options such as “Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Cookie” and “Lotus Double Chocolate Cookie”. 

One cookie is priced at Rs. 250 and above and they even have wooden cookie boxes and cute metal tins with different prices. 

Order yours now!

source (@sugar_drizzle)
source (@sugar_drizzle)

4. This business was started by a student looking for something to channel their creativity into 

Starting off with only baking for their friends and family, Bob’s Cookies (@bobs.cookies) became an official home based business during the lockdown. Years of experience and the finest of ingredients mixed to perfection result in their fresh cookies. They feature flavours such as “Oatmeal Choc Chip” and “Double Chocolate Hazelnut”. 

They also have mini cookie jars available that make the perfect addition to your kitchen and meals. 

These cookies are the perfect balance of sweetness and gooey chocolate, priced at around Rs. 200. 

Order here!

source (@bobs.cookies)
source (@bobs.cookies)

5. Niha Tariq has been fond of baking since the age of 14 

21 year old Niha Tariq started CookieKrumble (@cookiekrumble_khi) last April. She believes in having cookies that are the best in quality and unique in their flavour and packaging both. They aim to cater to a vast majority of customers with one option or another for everyone to try out. Their variety of flavours includes “Lotus Madness” and “Chunky Goth Cookie”. 

They even have delicious cookie cakes available. 

Their prices range from Rs. 90 and above per cookie.

Check them out here

source (@cookiekrumble_khi)
source (@cookiekrumble_khi)

6. This business was started by three sisters 

Having gotten used to baking for their family and friends these three sisters decided to put their goodies on sale through their business The Sugarookie (@thesugarookie_). The name itself makes one crave for a deliciously warm and soft cookie. They have four different flavours available such as the staple “Chocolate Chunk Cookie”. 

They also give the option of customising your own 6 inch cookie cake. 

Their prices start from Rs. 100 per cookie. 

Place your orders here!

source (@thesugarookie_)
source (@thesugarookie_)

7. They have a variety of packaging options for their cookies 

Farina Noman has a masters in business which pushed her into starting her own brand Cookie Tales (@cookietalespk). This home based business offers over 17 flavours of cookies and promises quality and freshness in their desserts. 

They have flavours such as “Sugar Free Chocolate Chip”, “Cinnamon Oats” and “Lotus Pocus”. 

One cookie is priced between Rs. 130 to Rs. 240. 

Buy them here

source (@cookietalespk)
source (@cookietalespk)

8. This start-up sells warm, soft ultimate chocolate chip cookies 

Oh, Fudge! (@ohfudgeeee) bakes the perfect sweet confections for you to try out. Their cookies have both chocolate chunks and chocolate chips to add the ultimate punch of taste. 

They have both stuffed and thin variants to their cookies available! 

One cookie sells for around Rs. 150 and above. 

Check them out here!

source (@ohfudgeeee)
source (@ohfudgeeee)

9. This certified pastry chef is baking the yummiest cookies 

The Cakesmith (@t.cakesmith) crafts cookies that are intricately prepared and meticulously baked to perfection. They have multiple flavours and renditions of the perfect chocolate cookies. 

Their flavours include “Classic Chocolate Chunk” and “Ultimate Brownie Cookies”. 

One cookie is priced at Rs. 120. 

Check them out here

source (@t.cakesmith)
source (@t.cakesmith)

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