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9 Burgers To Avoid At All Costs In Lahore

9 Burgers To Avoid At All Costs In Lahore

Hussain Saeed

Disclaimer: These are views belong to our social media audience and do not represent views of ProperGaanda itself.

After yesterday’s coverage of restaurants in Lahore, we decided to go for round two. But this time we wanted to dig a little deeper, so we asked our ProperGaanda community what was the one burger they wished they never had.

And I must say, it was an eye opening experience. Let’s dive in! We recieved a wide range of answers, some that we don’t agree with at all, but here are the most common answers we got:

1. Hardees

Starting off with a very surprising choice, Hardees is known for it’s thick and juicy burgers. While its pricing was a major factor for most people, a major complaint was how bad their Mushroom and Swiss Burger¬†was. They found it overcooked and lacking any real flavour. Which is pretty sad for a place that specializes in burgers. One follower even said Hardees should stop making burgers altogether! Image our shock.

2. Burger King

This one wasn’t the biggest of surprises. When Burger King initially launched in Lahore, the hype was inescapable! And the truth is, it did pretty much live up to it. Except for it’s signature burger, the Whooper. A part of our PG community felt that Burger King tried too hard to appeal to local tastebuds and their signature dish suffered as a result. It just didn’t taste as good as the original. The community does strongly stand by their other burgers which they claim are pretty good, so just avoid the Whooper!

3. Burger Lab

When places that have a large variety of different dishes and doesn’t prepare one type of dish to perfection, it’s understandable. But when a restaurant that literally has the named after the speciality it really can’t make, it’s a problem. Rather than anyone pointing out a particular burger, our community just talked about how oily and under-cooked the burgers were. “Just avoid the place”, is what one member said.

4. Seriously Saucy

Most of our community felt that this place took its name way too literally. While Pakistanis do love their sauces and gravys, Seriously Saucy over-utilizes their sauce to try to mask the lack of flavour within their burgers. Again, no one pointed out a single dish per say, but just had a problem with the liberal use of sauces that weren’t even that good. Not everyone can be Nando’s, which is known for their excellent and incomparable sauces.

5. Jade

Obviously one of the restaurant from our list yesterday was going to make the cut again. Jade unfortunately did not sit well with our community, with many just saying that their overall quality has gone down. One of our community members did say though that their deserts are great, so maybe just go for that?

6. Wings

Now this one surprised us all. Not because we expected amazing burgers from Wings, but the mere fact that people ordered burgers when they went to a place called Wings! It’s name is literally the name of it’s signature dish. Why would you go there for anything other than Wings? In all seriousness though, the PG community found the burgers to be too saucy, which now seems to be a recurring problem in Pakistan.

7. McDonalds

Another fast food chain! And that too one that specializes in burgers! We weren’t that surprised though, to be honest. McDonalds has been tasting more and more like nothing as time goes on. But most of our community that had a problem with Mcdonalds just didn’t like their cheaper meals. They said their low cost burgers were terrible, even getting two of them sick. So, as weird as this may sound, just go for the expensive burgers at this fast food chain.

8. Howdy’s

Many people within our social media audience felt that the burgers here were just not up to par. With so many different burger options, you’d think places like Howdy’s would find a way to keep up. Unfortunately not.

9. Burger Hub

Ending our list is one that encompasses all the problems we’ve mentioned before. Their meat is under-cooked yet oily, which is a pretty hard combination to pull off, they use too much sauce in their burgers and they just couldn’t live up to they hype they created. The PG community voted this one a solid no.

Let us know what you think of our community’s choices. And if you have any problem with how the vote turned out, just start following us on Instagram @propergaanda and weigh in on our daily discussions!