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8 tweets to show you the right side of the #endchildmarriage debate

8 tweets to show you the right side of the #endchildmarriage debate


If you hadn’t noticed, Child marriages has come back into the limelight recently. For the past few days, pictures have been circulating on Social media of a young girl no older than 10 getting married to a much older man. This started a whirlwind of arguments, with Islamic figures stating it is allowed in Islam. It’s 2019, and this is actually still a debate.


Posted by Pakistan Votes on Saturday, May 4, 2019

I know reading this must make you upset, because it did make me. And places like social media are filled with views defending such an act. However, we noticed a much bigger group of people have decided to say no more and the #endcildmarriage has gone viral. Here are a couple of tweets so you know you aren’t the only one raging right now.

First one’s by one of the only politicians to speak up about this.

Then there was guy, who’s had enough

And this woman.

This guy, who brought up Naya Pakistan too.

A journalist, who also gave us some good news

This person, pointing out the grime realities of child marriages

Here’s one to show you we are not alone

And finally this one, that shows you how strong a picture can be

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