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7UP Foodies Festival Is Not Coming Slow!

7UP Foodies Festival Is Not Coming Slow!


As summers approach Lahore is once again doing the most Lahori thing ever, another food festival! But hey we don’t mind it, because:

A) the entertainment starved Lahoris finally have something to do

B) who the hell minds food festivals bro!

So the event had a lot of cool things planned for foodies like fireworks on Saturday, like who doesn’t like fireworks.

Even if you’re that weird dude who isn’t a foodie for some reason, come for the bloody fireworks! Oh, and they have this 360 degrees live motion photo booth planned for you as well!

Also, may I say, the food stalls list looks pretty promising and one really good thing about the festival is that they have given new and different food establishments a chance. Like one of my favorites was All Spice, their pizza is to die for and the juicy Zinger from Johnny and Jugnu. Just trust me and have it!!

The artists are the same as any other hi-fi foodie fest, except that Abrar-ul-Haq is coming and I can dance on “kinai kinai janai hai billo dai ghar” any day of the week! I get my “Preeto” cap on and I’m ready to get down.

But honestly the best thing about this is that they have a company called Happy Acres on board, which is a renowned child care facility and will be taking care of your toddlers! Honestly for so many young and old parents (Who don’t believe in “Bachay kam hi acchay”) this is fantastic! I can’t tell you how many people I know, who’s main concern is coming to a packed food festival with their toddler, good job on this 7UP! I think more festivals should definitely adopt this.

All in all, as Inzimam would say, boys played well! So if you’re in Lahore from the 6th to the 8th, definitely check it out because boys are not coming slow!

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