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7 Viral Videos of the India-Pakistan Skirmish

7 Viral Videos of the India-Pakistan Skirmish

Samah Akhtar

Tensions between India and Pakistan have been very high during the past two days. India has proven to be the ever hostile neighbour, while Pakistan acted as the voice of reason. 

Here is a brief recap of what has happened in the past two days

On Tuesday, India violated LoC and upon Pakistan Air Force’s speedy response, dropped its payload at Balakot.

On Wednesday, India again violated the LoC, and two Indian aircrafts were shot down by the PAF.

The Pakistan airspace was subsequently closed after the events on Wednesday morning.

One Indian pilot is currently in custody.

And while the situation still remains serious, more than a few videos have been doing the rounds on social media regarding the events. Scroll down to see the best ones:

Hamid Mir visited the site where India claimed to have attacked the heart of JeM…only to find one casualty

Junaid Akram’s animated commentary on the payload drop at Balakot reminds us of how strong the Pakistani spirit really is

This video of Faisal Querishi we wish we had never seen

Actor and anchor Saqlain Bashir shared a video on Tuesday Night, which made it seem like he was in direct contact with the ISPR

Pakistan Air Force Pilot, Squadron Leader Hassan Siddiqui chants Pakistan Zindabad with other PAF personnel. The pilot shot down an Indian aircraft that crossed into the Pakistani airspace.

Pakistan Army officers rescue Wing Commander Abhinandan from an angry mob

Wing Commander Abhinandan states that the Pakistani Army is treating him with respect as he enjoys a cup of tea


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