7 Things Nawaz Sharif Absolutel...

7 Things Nawaz Sharif Absolutely Loves!

Nawaz Sharif might have been ousted as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, but that does not mean he’s out of the spotlight. After his recent march to the poor man’s Westeros, he’s made sure of that. During his march, he made a romantic confession for the people of Gujranwala, so I thought why not look at some of the things the leader of the ruling party loves.


We all know roads are an obsession for Nawaz Sharif. From the Motorway to endless underpasses, Nawaz Sharif loves to build roads. He builds all kinds of roads: big roads; small roads; petite roads; double roads; roads on top of roads. He might not be a badass to some, but he’s definitely a roadass.


The story of Nawaz and Metro, is like the story of Aslam Mian and his new fancy car. Aslam Mian knows he can’t afford it, but the new car is too fancy for him to resist. Plus in a few years, the lease would pan out anyway.

Dhai Bhallay

Which Lahori doesn’t love Dhai bhallay? However Sharif’s love for Dhai Bhallay has reached another level. Rumor is, our current president Mr. Mamnoon Hussain used to bring this savoury dish for Nawaz bhai from his favourite Dhai Bhallay place. And a few Dhai Bhalla plates later, guess who became the President of Pakistan? So our baised verdict is, Nawaz definitely loves Dhai Bhallay.


Just Kidding

Stuffed Toys


In the 2013 election, where Nawaz Sharif stood victorious, there were lions all over the country. Let me reiterate – stuffed lions. And there also was a real caged tiger somewhere in lahore for some reason. Nawaz Sharif also has two stuffed lions at his own home.

Part time job

While many have called Shabhaz Sharif a workaholic, nobody has seen Nawaz Sharif in that light. So when the JIT evidence was found, we were in for a shock. Our Prime Minister was not just ruling the country but also doing a part-time job in Dubai as a chairman of Capital FZE. Our conclusion is, Mr. Nawaz is not one to ‘Netflix and chill’.


Gujranwala’s love for Nawaz Sharif is not new. The latter’s party won by a significant margin in the last elections held there, and now when the former Premier stopped at Gujranwala during his march, the crowed echoed “I love you Nawaz Sharif”. And how did Nawaz Sharif Respond?



P.S Things Nawaz USED to love:

Imran Khan

Shabaz Sharif?


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