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7 spots in Karachi serving fresh donuts for the ultimate sugar hit

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7 spots in Karachi serving fresh donuts for the ultimate sugar hit


Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend was clearly wrong. Speaking on behalf of all the girls (boys and everyone else) it’s indeed a ‘dough ring’ better than all other rings. Glazed donuts, filled donuts jelly donuts or sprinkled donuts, people adore them all. Many options available locally are still struggling to perfect their recipes but few in Karachi have taken the place of Krispy Kreme in people’s hearts.

Here are 9 places in Karachi from where you can get fresh donuts:

1. This shop offers a free donut every weekend

Happy’s (@happydonutshop) is a passion-led project of Aaliya Safdar and Hassaan Warsi.

The donuts are freshly made on a daily basis using quality ingredients. There’s always something available for every kind of person

Flavours include Salted Caramel, Lotus, Cheesecake, They have also launched treats, Happy’s new convenience size donuts. The prices vary from Rs. 100 for treats and Rs. 170 to Rs. 220 for regular-sized donuts. 

Visit their Instagram page here!

2. This business has been in action since 2016 but recently refreshed its look 

D’oh (@doh_pk) has always been about innovation and creativity. The dessert that they serve is as pleasing to eat as they’re to look at. They launched in 2016 with the Brazillian style churros. Now they have Brioche donuts that are simply richer versions of standard donuts. The flavours include Nutt-Yell-A, Red velvet, Chocolate Sprinkles and more. Their prices start from Rs. 200.

D’oh has gone all out to create a bigger version of donuts that are available only on pre-orders.  

Have a look at their menu here!

3. This Donut shop has 12 outlets all over Karachi 

O Donuts (@od_pk) is extremely famous amongst Karachites. Their menu is loaded with many savouries and sweets but their scrumptious donuts stand above all. 

Food blogger Ali Soomro (@omnomzilla) reviews them to be ‘the best gourmet donuts’ he has ever tried.

Each donut at OD is handmade fresh every day with love and attention. They have tons of options to select from including blueberry cheesecake, coffee brownie, Ferrero Rocher, strawberry pie and mocha crumble. You can order for delivery or visit their kiosks or express stores in 12 locations in Karachi. Each donut is priced at Rs. 200. 

Check their delicious items out here!

4. This shop can prepare a donut package for you to gift your loved ones

Donuts by Easy (@easybyfatsos) are easy on the eyes. Easy has a menu filled with items ranging from hot dogs to gelatos but it’s their donuts that everyone suggests to bite into. 

‘One place in Karachi that I can never get over is easy’ says lifestyle blogger Omar Farooqui (@rageonhighstreet)

Their menu includes plain glazed, red velvet, tea & biscuit, Snickers filled and many more. The price of these starts from Rs. 180. Customers can also contact them to personalise donuts for them. 

Order here!

5. This business started as a cure of quarantine boredom 

Arham Imran is an A’level student and wanted to make his lockdown worthwhile. He came up with an idea to sell donuts in a cart. Pop’N (@popn.pk) provides customers with quality desserts that are fresh, healthy, and most importantly delicious. 

They have been working in trucks serving Karachites and are currently located at Bahudrabad. 

Pop’N has 10 types of donuts including glazed, Boston or the ones filled with your choice of fillings. The price starts at 150. 

Visit them here!

6. These donuts are available on FoodPaanda 

Sweet (@thesweetpk) started in November last year with a dream to serve rich donuts. Each donut is made using only premium quality ingredients and presented fresh. They have collaborated with several food bloggers and celebrities including Sadaf Kanwal.

Model Sona Rafiq (@sonarafiq) reviews these donuts as ‘Super Super Super Delicious!’. 

Sweet has donuts available in cracklin’ creme, lotus biscoff, belgian tart, choc boston sweet glazed and many more flavours. 

Have a look at their delicious donuts here!

7. This business is a bakeshop with a variety of items

La Farine (@lafarine.pk) has 13 outlets all over Karachi. They deal in soft and wholesome bread prepared with delicious flavours, a range of cakes, freshly made donuts and brownies. They believe in providing customers with fresh baked goods at an affordable price

La Farine only sells donuts in a pack of six

These come in many flavours including chocolate sprinkles. A pack of 6 is priced at Rs. 250.

Get them here!

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