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7 Similarities Between 1992 And 2019 – Including The Pakistan Cricket Team’s Performance

7 Similarities Between 1992 And 2019 – Including The Pakistan Cricket Team’s Performance

Hussain Saeed

As most of you are aware, we are two matches down the rabbit hole that is the Cricket World Cup 2019.

Our boys in green have been surprising us with their unpredictable performances, keeping many of us on our feet about the outcome of the match. Parts of the audience have been looking for similarities with the 1992 World Cup, hoping that the boys will bring home the gold.

The biggest example of this is our loss to West Indies, which is something our team also did during the 1992 World Cup.

And while people are enjoying comparing the 1992 and 2019 World Cup, we thought we would draw up more parallel, so here goes:

Trying to sight the ever elusive moon!

The moon-sighting controversy may seem like a new one, but the truth is that it’s been there for sometime now.

Ever since the beginning of Pakistan’s history, choosing how to see the moon has always been a controversial one. 1992 was no different, where you saw different reports suggesting different dates for Eid following the month of Ramzan. This year, we saw the fiasco the moon sighting became. We always think we’re about to solve it, but nope. But hey, at least it’s something that also happened in 1992. So we might win!?

An awful economy

Like right now, our economy was not doing the best

The fiscal year of 1991 saw a GDP growth of around 7.6%. However, in 1992, that number fell a massive 4 points to 3.1%! While this period was marked by attempts of the government to liberate the economy, both the previous government of Benazir and current government of Nawaz during the time couldn’t achieve the change, making the economy suffer.

Right now, our current government, headed by the PTI, is accused of being unable to do the same, with the depreciation of Rupee and massive IMF loans about to come our way.

With the similarities in the economic condition of Pakistan, will our luck at the cricket world cup also be the same?

The situation of women’s rights may give you deja vu

Pakistan has never been kind to it’s women. Patriarchy is strong here, usually cloaked under the banner of “culture”.

It’s sad, but this is still the state of Pakistan today. The Hudood ordinance is still in effect, meaning rape victims risk criminal persecution if they come out with rape allegations. Women are constantly slut-shamed and persecuted for literally just existing.

When women came out on the streets during Aurat March 2019, the KP provincial assembly unanimously voted to condemn it.

And if this isn’t enough, let’s look at some stats. According to the HRCP, in Punjab alone, about 1,300 rapes were reported to the Pakistani organization War Against Rape (WAR) between January 1992 and January 1993. The Human Rights Commission estimates that in Pakistan a woman is raped every six hours. The Pakistani organization also reports an increase in the number of abductions, murders and other cases of violence against women in 1992.

In 2019, while the official numbers are yet to seen, there have been a number of  rape cases reported to the media. There was the Urooj case, the Farishta case and so on. So yes, another common and unfortunate trend between 1992 and 2019 is that women aren’t safe.

The Kashmir Issue

Another common factor between 1992 and now is our relationship with India. Most of you must have already seen this one coming, given that we have never really had the best relationship with India. However, what many forget is that in 1992, Pakistan and our army were accused of carrying out covert operations in India-occupied Kashmir.

In 2019, after the Pulwana attacks, Pakistan was accused of the same thing, again! So another common trend, the Kashmir issue is kinda still the same.

Massive flooding

Natural disasters are nothing new to Pakistan.

However, you would think over time our response to these things would get better. But we were wrong. Back in 1992, Monsoon rains brought with it overflowing rivers that caused widespread damage and loss of life. While looking at old newspapers reports from 1992, the death toll could have been as high as 2500.

In 2019, over 100 people lost their lives in flooding since the beginning of the year. And this was during the dry season! The monsoons have not even come yet, so this number could unfortunately easily rise.

Lack of good sanitation

Talking about water, another commonality between 1992 and now is our sanitation system.

You’d think after decades of rainfall causing sewerage to flood our streets, the government would do something about it. But nope. Everytime it rains, our major cities, especially Lahore, flood to the point of causing a gridlock on the roads. Our gutters literally overflow onto the streets, which isn’t exactly fun. However, it does mean that there is something else in common with our 1992 state and now.


The Prime Minister elect

In 1992, Nawaz Sharif was our Prime Minister. While nowadays Nawaz Sharif and the PML(N) talk about state intervention in politics, many forget that the PML(N) rose out of a conservative alliance formed by the military under Zia-Ul Haq’s time.

This party, like many before and after it, was accused of being placed in power with the consent of state institutions. Fast forward 20-something years later, and many are accusing the PTI government of the same thing. The truth is we don’t know if the PTI had help, but we do know they have tacit approval from the powers that be.

So with all these similarities between 1992 and 2019, do you think our luck at the world cup will be the same? Let us know in the comments below!