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7 places in Karachi that deliver Keto food right to your doorstep

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7 places in Karachi that deliver Keto food right to your doorstep


Everyone expected the Keto wave to have died out by now, but it’s still going strong. It’s not that surprising thought because Pakistani’ chefs took it upon themselves to make Keto food that will satisfy all your cravings whilst keeping you healthy. The Keto diet, it seems, is not going anywhere and if you haven’t tried it out by now then you’re perhaps missing out. There’s just something about the method that will make it a true experience to have. 

For all those in Karachi, here are 7 places that do Keto food to guide you through this journey!

1. Staying and keeping people healthy is her passion

Huma Wasti (@h_wasti), the founder of Keto Clan, has been in the organic and health food business for over a decade now. She is an avid reader of fat loss and health research and so dabbled into Keto 6-7 years ago and has been doing it since. She’s constantly innovating with her recipes and adding more delicious things to her menu so that her clients stay interested. They even have clients who have stayed on the Keto diet with them for more than 4 years.

They understand Keto is not just about weight loss but also about underlying health issues which is why they keep their clients informed of new research and practices.

They have three types of packages ranging between the price of Rs. 14000 to Rs. 45000.

Subscribe to your package here!

source (@h_wasti)
source (@h_wasti)

2. The founder of this business has personally lost 32 Kg through Keto

Saima Adnan is the founder of Sam’s Keto Kitchenette (@sams_keto_kitchenette). She’s a foodie at heart and because of that she ensures that even her Keto food will appeal to all other foodies. Her most major concern is the fact that most foodies don’t diet due to a lack of delicious diet food but through her Keto foods she’s solving that dilemma.

She helps people in their Keto journey with healthy, hygienic food such as Chicken Cheese Rolls and Peri Bites.

Their prices start at Rs. 500. 

Visit their page here!

source (@sams_keto_kitchenette)
source (@sams_keto_kitchenette)

3. This business was started by a nutritionist and her husband

Hina Jahangir and her husband launched Hina Keto Food (@hinaketofood) with an aim to help people in their weight loss journey. They first tested out the Keto method themselves to ensure that it does not have any adverse effects and then tried to spread the idea of it to their clients. They always keep innovating so they have something different to introduce to their menu which will keep their clients interested and coming back for more.

They also have their own range of Keto grocery available for all those who want to try Keto at home.

They offer varying packages which range between the price range of Rs. 9000 to Rs. 38000. 

Check out their page here!

source (@hinaketofood)
source (@hinaketofood)

4. This business is for all those with a sweet tooth looking to try Keto

Not So Guilty by Hina (@notsoguiltybyhina) is a Keto dessert venture. If you have a sweet tooth, desserts were probably the one thing about Keto that made you not want to try out but this business fixes that issue. They experiment with Keto safe, low carb and nutritious foods to bring you the tastiest desserts in the Keto market.

Their range of Keto desserts includes cheesecakes, mousses, and parfaits.

Their price range is between Rs. 450 to Rs. 500 per dessert jar. 

Click here to visit their page!

source (@notsoguiltybyhina)
source (@notsoguiltybyhina)

5. She uses monk fruit as an alternative to sugar

The Keto Desserts by M (@theketodessertsbym) was a business that was launched during lockdown. The founder herself had been on the Keto diet for 2 years and had perfected the Keto food routine without it becoming monotonous. The major focus however is Keto desserts because you might find Keto food elsewhere, but desserts are something that have to be just perfect. She also used recyclable packaging to make sure everything is environmentally friendly as well.

Her hot-sellers are her Cranberry Trifle, and Cinnamon Rolls which she made Keto friendly after experimenting with a family recipe.

Her desserts start at Rs. 650 per serving. 

Click here to visit her page!

source (@theketodessertsbym)
source (@theketodessertsbym)

6. Their journey began by making Keto food for their friends and family

The husband and wife duo behind O-Keto Meals (@oketomeals) started out by trying the Keto diet themselves. The food they cooked and the change that Keto brought about made their friends and family start it as well and they were more than happy to help. From there on out, their business was on the rise. They take their meal prep inspirations from local avenues such as Headbangers Kitchen and the vast variety on YouTube.

They have weekly, biweekly and monthly packages available for you to try out.

Their prices start at Rs. 7000 and go up to Rs. 36000 depending on which package you chose.

Check them out here!

source (@oketomeals)
source (@oketomeals)

7. This business started out as a Keto roti business

Romaisa’s Keto Kitchen (@romaisaketokitchen) was launched after a series of events starting with her husband wanting to lose weight. He tried Keto and she helped him through it by cooking amazing Keto food which she now shares with the world and their Keto rotis are famous all over. As a good cook from the very start, she applies very high standards to her own cooking so her food will never be unsatisfactory.

She has items such as Frozen Coconut Roti, Flaxseed Roti and more.

Her items are priced starting at Rs. 1000 for a pack. 

Click here to visit her page!

source (@romaisaketokitchen)
source (@romaisaketokitchen)

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