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7 Pakistani Businesses That Care About Climate Change

7 Pakistani Businesses That Care About Climate Change


The Climate Awareness Strike ended last week, but your contribution to helping prevent climate change shouldn’t just be limited to raising awareness.

These days, people’s main mode of shopping is through e-commerce. Little do they know, many of the fast fashion or lifestyle brands they follow use unethical and unsustainable means to make the products. We thought we’d introduce you to some local eco-friendly businesses that would actually help make the world a better place while also giving you an affordable aesthetic.

Reduce and Recycle Pk

This page stocks a variety of up-cycled or recyclable items, from lamps, vases and planters to tote bags, compostable toothbrushes and metal straws; and if you want to try the zero waste lifestyle, their starter kits feature the basic necessities that will help you get there.


Recircle Life is one of its kind selling eco-friendly menstrual cups in Pakistan. You might not know this, but the average woman uses between 11-16,000 menstrual pads or tampons in her lifetime, producing around 250-300 pounds worth of non-recyclable trash. With menstrual cups, women can significantly reduce that amount to a less alarming number.

Greenspace Pk

More plants and trees are essential to preventing climate change. Greenspace is promoting greener spaces that not only look good but also help improve the overall quality of the environment.

Code Green Pk

Coming at you with yet another company producing plastic-free/alternatives to regular items, we have Code Green, which provides organic products like shampoo bars, deodorants, and beeswax sheets to replace other regular household items.

EcoPak Online

This page specialises in eco-friendly, degradable cutlery for times when you’re on the go and don’t have the option of steel cutlery. You can use products like these and just bury them in the ground when you’ve used them enough times!

TrashIt Pk

At TrashIt, you’ll find all natural compost that’s way better for your garden than the artificial fertilizers more frequently purchased. Few people know that fertilizer is actually harmful for the environment and releases tons of chemicals. TrashIt also sells other eco-friendly alternatives, but are more known for their plantation and cleanliness drives.

SeedCards Store

This innovative store makes compostable/biodegradable cards and tags to fight paper waste prevalent around the world. Things like greeting cards and clothing tags are usually disposed of pretty quickly; seedcards ensures that disposed garbage doesn’t choke the Earth.