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7 locally available hair care products for a little TLC when you have postpartum hair loss

7 locally available hair care products for a little TLC when you have postpartum hair loss


As your body prepares to nurture a little human, it goes through a lot of hormonal and physical changes. Most of the changes and side effects are often discussed while others are lesser-known; one such side effect is hair loss. The first-trimester stress and hormonal fluctuations might cause shedding of hair in some women. Hair loss may continue until a few months after the delivery. However, if you take proper care during pregnancy and postpartum, you’re most likely to regain all the lost hair by the time by your little one’s first birthday. 

Here’s how you can take care of your hair naturally during and post-pregnancy:

1. This oil by Hair Matters is specially created for moms suffering from pregnancy hair loss

Hair Matters’ (@hair.matters) introduced Moms Revitalising Hair Oil that caters specifically to mothers who suffer from pregnancy hair loss. This oil manages to stop the deterioration of the quality of hair resulting from hormonal change during pregnancy.  

Moms Revitalising Hair Oil ensures that your hair continues to get the nutrients it requires.

This cocktail of oils includes sesame seeds, black seeds, olive, jojoba, lavender and almond oil. Sesame soothes the scalp of any inflammation, black seed naturally restores hair growth in thinning areas, olive oil blocks the hair fall causing hormone DHT while other oils are rich in vitamins that support hair growth. 

Hair Matters stocks Moms Revitalising Hair Oil in two sizes: mini and full. The mini bottle is priced at Rs. 750. 

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2. A scalp cleansing brush stimulates scalp and hair follicles 

Scalp cleansing brushes are the most underrated hair care products and often labelled unnecessary. Dermatologists suggest that regular use of such brushes increase hair thickness by stretching the hair follicle cells. Arya Essentials (@aryaessentials) Scalp Cleansing Brush is a durable and effective head massager and cleansing tool for hair growth.

The massage brush features long bristles that penetrate the hair to get to the scalp underneath to exfoliate and stimulate blood circulation.

This brush is known to remove product build-up from your scalp, reduce stress (read pregnancy stress) and stimulate hair follicles. They price this product at Rs. 1,500. 

Here’s where you can order it.

3. SLS present in most conditioner and shampoos has been linked to birth defects in animal studies 

SLS is a popular surfactant present in most shampoos and conditioners. Doctors often recommend shampooing less frequently for this reason but why not switch to something that is pure from this chemical? After cleansing your hair, it’s necessary to condition the ends. They help detangle and control the pH of the external defensive covering of each individual hair. Shampoos and Argan Oil Conditioner by Bare Epitome (@bareepitome) contain beneficial nutrients such as vitamin e and fatty acids that nourish and moisturise the hair.

This conditioner in particular helps to cure split ends, tame frizzy hair and adds a healthy shine to them.  

The conditioner is priced at Rs. 600. 

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4. Hair Serum helps build a protective layer over each individual hair 

Usually, hair serums contain silicone that creates a protective cover that decreases hair fall. If you’re concerned about using silicone-based products during your pregnancy, Hair Growth Serum by Plush Naturals (@plushnaturals) is a good alternative.

It is known to strengthen and stimulate hair follicles, prevent hair loss and provide moisture to dry and damaged hair.

Massage a few drops of the serum onto your wet scalp and hair after taking a shower. This hair serum comes at a price of 1,590. 

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5. Regular hair dyes may contain ingredients harmful for pregnancy 

Studies show that high doses of the chemicals in hair dyes may cause harm to the baby. Some of these ingredients might sweep into your bloodstream, reaching the fetus. Although there are dyes available in the market that are safe for pregnancy, it’s better to go natural. Saeed Ghani (@saeedghani1888) brings you natural henna powder that is made from plant extracts and is completely free from all the harmful ingredients.

Other than covering your greys, the product also nourishes the hair and makes it look more healthy.

Saeed Ghani has henna powders in the shades of burgundy, brown and black. The price starts from Rs. 100. 

Visit their website here!

6. Mangos contain a bunch of beneficial nutrients for hair growth and pregnancy

No haircare routine is complete without a healthy diet.

Mangos are a great source of folate, a key prenatal vitamin. In addition to that, mangos contain 50% of your vitamin c requirement which is essential for hair growth. 

Chughtai Royale Mangoes (@chughtairoyalmangoes) provides Multan’s finest quality mangos. They deal in Chaunsa, Anwar Ratol, Dusehri, Laal Badshah and many more. The price starts from Rs. 1,049 for 5 kgs.

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7. Vitamin C in strawberries support the baby growth 

Vitamin C in strawberries supports baby growth by improving iron absorption. Moreover, better iron absorption promotes hair growth. Strawberries also contain Vitamin B5, which helps prevent hair loss. Feliz Pakistan (@feliz.pakistan) provides innovative and healthy snacking options for all Pakistanis. They stock Dried Strawberry Petal that burst with flavour perfect for pregnancy cravings.

These strawberries are gently dried and contain zero preservatives.  

A pack of 100g comes at a price of Rs. 400. 

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