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7 local stores making the perfect chutneys and achaars to pair with Iftaar snacks this Ramadan

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7 local stores making the perfect chutneys and achaars to pair with Iftaar snacks this Ramadan


Every food culture has a catch-all condiment and a sauce that can be drizzled on anything to make it even more delicious. The Chinese have hoisin sauce, Arabs have hummus and for the people of the subcontinent, it is achars and chutneys. Achars and chutneys with their strong punch-worthy flavours, delightful aromas and all organic preservation have been thriving in our mother’s and grandmother’s kitchen. This Ramadan brush aside all other condiments and indulge in home made chutneys to pair your samosas and pakoras with.

Here’s a list of local businesses that hand make achaars and chutneys and we’ve laid out what you can pair them with

1. This local business makes kuchlas that can be paired easily with Desi, Continental, Chinese and Italian food. 

Pickle Deli (@pickle_deli) has three products: Spice Girls made with green chillies & garlic, Red Hot Chilli Peppers made with red chillies & mustard oil and Black Zest made from crunchy green chilli. All of them cost Rs. 250. 

They suggest eating Spice Girls with pakoras, samosas, wantons and fried chicken for a delicious Iftaar. 

You can also marinate chicken in one of the available condiments, leave it for 4 to 6 hours and deep fry it, to get the tastiest fried chicken. 

Prepare for Ramdan by ordering from Pickle Deli now!

2. This business offers low carbs and keto-friendly sauces

Just Pickled (@just.pickled) aims to provide the best quality condiments using only the freshest ingredients to elevate your dining experience. Their product line for pickles and chutneys include kanjhi, pickled beetroot and turnip, mango pickles, mango chutney and plum chutney. Each of the condiment ranges between Rs. 300 to Rs. 400. 

They suggest using their plum chutney with pakoras and mango chutney with biryani for an out of this world experience. 

Visit their profile here!

3. You might have spotted this pickle brand at Haryali Market 

Khatta Meetha (@khattameethapickles) brings you homemade healthy pickle from a variety of seasonal vegetables. Their pickles cost Rs. 550 and the menu includes chilli & garlic, mix vegetables, bhari mirch and crunchy reddish. Moreover, their chutney menu includes tamatar cut, patakha tamatar cut and harri bharri chutney. 

Use tamatar cut chutney as a pizza base while baking homemade pizzas for an Iftaar. 

Visit their profile here to find out more fun recipes!

4. This unique business makes prawn pickles 

Yes, you heard it right, Tamarind (@tamarindbyfernandes) makes prawn pickles known as Prawn Balchao. It is tangy and has a unique heat to it. Since the pickle itself is very flavourful, pair it with something plain and simple. Customers can get a regular bottle for Rs. 650.

Add it to plain boiled rice or spread it across a tortilla to make spicy wraps for iftaar. 

Buy it now here!

5. This Lahore based local business is known for its falsah chutney

Bawli Bawarchan (@bawli.bawarchan) has an array of chutneys and achars on its menu. These include rishtay ka achar, khatti mirch, falsa chutney, tomato chutney, nauratan chutney, imli & date chutney, mint ambi chutney and aloo bukhara chutney. Each jar costs Rs. 550. 

For Iftaar, add their tomato chutney in any sandwich to amp up the taste or add a spoonful of mint ambi chutney in paratha rolls and enjoy it as a sehri meal. 

Visit their Instagram page for more such ideas. 

6. This online business has over 30 options for chutneys and achar on its menu

Chatkhara Achaar (@chatkharaachaar) has a diverse menu that includes over 30 achars and chutneys. Some of the options include karela achar, lehsan achar, Indian banarsi achar, hari mirch chutney, till chutney and chilli garlic chutney. Price ranges from Rs. 200 to Rs. 550.

Eat chilli garlic chutney with samosas or add alu bukhara chutney on any chaat of your choice.

Order now here!

7. This business deals with 100% organic desi condiments 

Amna’s Organic (@amnasorganics) stocks chutneys and achars along with other condiments and spices. All of their chutneys cost Rs. 400 and have various flavours available such as imli, mango and plum. 

Dilute the imli chutney with some cold water, add sugar to taste and make a refreshing drink for iftar

Order now from their website!

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