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7 local stores where you can find Eid accessories for your pet friend

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7 local stores where you can find Eid accessories for your pet friend


If you have ever had a pet, you realise just how quickly they become a part of your family. The little creatures of fur dig their way into your heart and nestle in tight. Every cat, dog, or bird has a special bond with every member of the family. To some, they’re like a child and to another their best friend. And just like every child in the family, your fur babies also deserve something special this Eid. You can get them some toys, a little stylish bow, or even just a tasty treat for the day.

To make things easier for you, here are 7 places that do the best pet accessories, toys, and more! 

1. This business was started by two cousins who are business graduates and activists by profession 

Aishah Masood and Mubeen Zuberi launched Pets Pret (@petspret), after years of searching for long-lasting and stylish products for their pets. As a dog owner herself, Aishah always had trouble finding inexpensive local products. Whilst researching for their business, they found out that most pet owners have leashes, collars, and other accessories imported at high rates from abroad. Keeping this in mind, they curated products that were affordable, sustainable and stylish, to keep your pets comfortable and happy. 

They have products such as bandanas, bows, leashes, and collars and are also planning on releasing more function-based products such as harnesses. 

The products are priced individually and in package deals between the range of Rs. 300 to Rs. 5500. 

Shop here now! 

source (@petspret)
source (@petspret)

2. This business was founded by 3 teenage dog moms from Lahore 

Zoha Ahmed, Hiba Ahmed, and Amun Nadeem understand the dilemma that comes with finding delicious and healthy treats for your furry friends. Trying to find a solution to this dilemma, they launched their business Doggo’Donalds (@doggodonalds which is a wordplay on McDonald’s!). They started with fresh home-cooked meals, cakes, and treats that are nutritious and tasty for your dogs. 

They now also offer clothing and accessories for your dog such as cute sherwanis! 

Their products are priced from Rs. 350 to Rs. 3500. 

Shop a sherwani for your pet friend here

source (@doggodonalds)
source (@doggodonalds)

3. This brand makes dressing up your pets easier

Pawsh by Cacpaw (@cacpaw_official) was founded with the belief that your pets deserve a posh and comfortable lifestyle. Their designs are meant to be eye-catching and colourful. So that your pet feels like royalty in their style. From cats to dogs, they make clothes for all with cute designs such as “Donuts Tank Top” and “Pups N Coffee Top”

Their products, however, are not limited to clothing alone as they offer toys, treats, and grooming essentials for your pet as well. 

The prices range from Rs. 450 to Rs. 2200. 

Buy something for your ball of fur here!

source (@cacpaw_official)
source (@cacpaw_official)

4. This is Pakistan’s oldest online pet store

Having provided customers with quality products for 8 years now, The Bow Point (@thebowpoint.official) has the experience and knowledge to make sure their products are the best for your pets. They not only offer cute and hilarious clothing for pets, but also deal in stylish food bowls, collars, beds, and more. 

Some examples of their designs are the “Dinosaur Pet Shirt” and the “FBI Pet Shirt” that comes in green and pink.

Their pet essentials are priced at Rs. 200 and above and they even have a sale going on on their website. 

Check out the cutest products for the cutest pets here!

source (@thebowpoint.official)
source (@thebowpoint.official)

5. This business is saving you from the hassle of shops and retailers by delivering straight to your home 

There are some pet staples that you must own, or at least know of, before adopting a furry friend. To be able to take the best care of them, you need to know where and how these products can be availed by you. Pets Mart Pk (@petsmartpakistan) is a one-stop shop for all your pet’s basic needs. If you just adopted a pet and don’t know where to go, this business is best for you. 

From high-quality food to collars and leashes, they have everything to get you started on your pet parent journey. 

Their products, ranging from cat litter to fun toys to brushes, are priced starting at Rs. 200. 

Check out their products here!

source (@petsmartpakistan)
source (@petsmartpakistan)

6. This business sells both staple products and unique toys for your pets 

Started by two childhood friends with a love for animals, Urban Pets Hub (@urbanpetshub) is here to ensure that all of your pet’s needs are met. They understand how expensive owning a pet can get and thus promise quality products that are better than the generic market ones, at lower prices. 

They even donate a portion of their earnings from the business to local animal shelters. 

Their products such as cat travel bags and cute pet homes are priced between Rs. 200

to Rs. 5000. 

Buy a travel bag, so your furry friend can travel with you, here

source (@urbanpetshub)
source (@urbanpetshub)

7. They have over 300 accessories available for parrots, cats, and dogs

Pet Shop Pak (@petshoppak_com) has staple products as well as uniquely designed beds and scratch posts available for your pet. They sell food and sprays to deal with itchiness, fleas, and more. They also have sturdy harnesses and leashes to keep your pet safe and comfortable on their walks. 

They have the most comfortable and fluffy beds so that your pet doesn’t have to wander around at night. 

They price their products from Rs. 400 onwards. 

Click here to shop now!

source (@petshoppak_com)
source (@petshoppak_com)

All products are selected by the editors. 

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