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7 home-based kitchens making fresh desi meals in Lahore

7 home-based kitchens making fresh desi meals in Lahore


Meal prepping is fun until you get bored of cooking the same two things. Good thing it isn’t 2019 anymore, lockdown made numerous home chefs channel their talents on a commercial scale. If you’re overwhelmed by your workload or simply miss ghar ka khaana, home chefs are coming to your rescue. They offer diverse and flavorful desi food items loaded with spices, herbs and everything nice. 

Lahore, take note of these 9 home-based eateries that are making desi food:

1. This home kitchen is run by a family that brings their customers recipes of their Nani and Dadi. 

Rakh Rakhao (@rakhrakhao2018) is my personal favourite when it comes to desi homemade food. Unlike most restaurants, each of their food item’s taste is distinct from the other.

Their biryani has just the right amount of spices for anyone who tears up with every bite of restaurant bought biryani

Their menu includes a large variety of dishes like mutton items, vegetarian dishes, chicken items and kebabs. They have family servings so that you can get together and have a hearty meal with your friends and family. 

Visit them here

2. This home kitchen can customise platters for you

Golden Spatula (@golden.spatula.lahore) is run by two sisters. 

Reviews suggest that their Royal Shahjahani Thaal tastes the best.

Other available items include biryani, butter chicken, mutton korma, aloo gosht and much more. 

Prices range between Rs. 1,000 to 3,600. 

Check them out here!

3. This chef focuses on changing the habit of wasting food 

Desox (@desoxpk) was started to eliminate food wastage. Customers can choose the quantity and their choice of desi food, while ordering their ‘Box of Food’.

Box of food can be easily saved until you feel hungry again.

Each box costs between Rs. 200 to Rs. 700. 

Visit them here!

4.  This place should be your go-to, for your biryani cravings 

Biryani Jaani (@biryanijaani) is a home kitchen which is now available on food panda.

Reviews suggest that their achaari biryani is the best. 

Other items in their menu include original biryani, white biryani, broast and bhagary baingan. Half a plate of biryani costs Rs. 180.

Check them out here!

5. This venture is run by a nutritionist who pays extra attention on the quality of the ingredients

Mummy & Tummy (@mummy.n.tummy) currently offers meals that serve 3-4 people. 

They have also been providing meals for corona patients. 

Some of the items on their menu are daal chana, chicken karahi and chicken pulao. The price ranges from Rs. 1,400 to Rs.1,600 for a weekly package. 

Order now from here!

6. The chef of this home kitchen has been cooking delicious meals since the age of 14 

From The Kitchen (@fromthekitchen_ftk) has an array of desi food items on its menu.

Currently, customers can order their ‘Ghar ki bani Iftari’ which includes dahi bhallay, fruit chaat, pakoray, samosay and much more. 

Their price ranges from Rs. 900 to Rs. 1,500.

Visit them here!

7. This home chef promises to make restaurant-style food

Meezu’s Cuisine (@meezucuisine) delivers mouth-watering dishes, on the day of your choice.

Customers can order from their website or through foodpanda.

Their menu includes karahi, hareesa, chicken/mutton achari and chicken khurchan. The price ranges from Rs. 1,200 to Rs. 1,800.

Check out their website here!

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