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7 home-based donut shops in Islamabad, you can’t afford to miss


7 home-based donut shops in Islamabad, you can’t afford to miss


Islamabadis, your prayers have been answered. No longer do you have to rely on the lousy chain donut shops to get your sweet fix. Home bakers from all around the city have rallied together during this pandemic to give you the donuts you deserve!

Here are 7 home-based donut makers, making life a little sweeter.

1. These might be the best donuts in Islamabad.

Dunus Oven (@dunusoven) is a home-based bakery started by Dunya Ashraf. This student has been passionate about cooking, ever since she was a little girl. She was nicknamed Dunus by her family and thus named her business after herself. She creates delightful confections like the Caramel Lotus donut or the Nutella donut, which are very popular with her customers.

Her donuts cost around Rs. 230 per piece.

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2. This bakeshop is run by 3 generations of women.

Three cooks (@threecooks_) is a home-based business run by 3 generations of women, who share a passion for cooking. They specialize in a variety of food products but one of their speciality is their delectable donuts. They have stuffed doughnuts as well as regular ones and you can even get a customized donut bouquet from them.

Their donuts cost between Rs. 150 to 200.

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3. This business sells donuts by the dozen.

Iqra Bakes (iqra.bakes) has been running her food business for about 3 years now. She has particularly found success with her sweet treats. She has a wide range of donut flavours to choose from, like her bestsellers; the vanilla glazed donut, chocolate glazed donut, Lotus crunch and more.

A pack of a dozen donuts costs around Rs. 1,200 to 1,400.

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4. This home baker will make you believe in magic.

The Baked Wizard (@the.bakedwizard) has been practising his craft since she was a young girl. With treats that seem like magic, she specializes in stuffed donuts bursting with assorted fillings. Their most popular donuts are the chocolate ganache donuts, which come highly recommended by the wizard herself.

The donuts average about Rs. 100 per piece.

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5. This baker has her priorities straight.

Foods Before Dudes (@fo.oodsbeforedudes), is a homegrown eatery started by Fatima Hamid. Fatima is an aspiring chef, who hopes to make it big someday. It’s hard to believe that Fatima had never set foot in the kitchen before the pandemic, but now she’s taking Islamabad by storm with her amazing homemade treats. She offers flavours like Nutella Oreo and Classic Chocolate.

Her rates are very competitive at Rs. 75 per donut.

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6. This engineer switched gears to baking during the pandemic.

Hassan’s Kitchenette (@hassans_kitchenette) started out from his home last year during the pandemic. He has an array of desserts to choose from, but his Bombolinis have become a staple with his customers. This unique Italian inspired donut is the perfect bite-sized treat to fulfil your sweet desires. He has stuffed Bombolinis and plain ones, coated in cinnamon sugar. He has filings in Coffee cream, Nutella, Lotus and more.

A batch of a dozen Bombolinis ranges between Rs. 800 to 1,200.

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7. This dynamic duo is innovating donut making.

Crusteez Donuts (@crusteezdonuts) was started by Haseeb and Hamza, who were life long friends before they became business partners. What started out as a hobby quickly grew into a thriving business. Today their donuts are available for pick up at a number of places across Islamabad, owing to their rapid success. They specialize in unique flavours like Lemon Buttercream, Bavarian Cream and more.

Their donuts cost around Rs. 120 to 210.

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