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7 different cuisines you can try by ordering from these home based kitchens in Lahore

7 different cuisines you can try by ordering from these home based kitchens in Lahore


One can only be identified as a Pakistani if they’re a hardcore foodie. With the copious amounts of talent we withhold, it’s no surprise that so many cuisines are accessible to us. It’s only when you experience food in it’s most authentic form, you encounter it in it’s true essence. In Lahore, “different cuisines” have become synonymous with Italian and Chinese cuisines. However, there are a multitude of home businesses hidden away which fuse both flavour and quality by specialising in cuisines from around the world.

Here are our top 7 picks of local home businesses in Lahore which cook different cuisines from around the world: 

1. Burmese Khao Suey by 281 Kitchenette

281 Kitchenette (@281kitchenette) specialises in Burmese style Khao Suey. Tried and tested by the editor herself, we can assure you it is fresh, authentic and full of flavour. The unique aspect about 281 is their affordable prices (the single serving is only for Rs. 500!) and a hygienic environment in which the food is prepared. The idea behind this venture was to provide a unique, high quality, home cooked meal at a lower price. We tried 281 and our food buds have been sizzling ever since. 

Order a bowl by clicking here!

Source: (@281kitchenette)

2. Nepalese Dumplings by Oh!Mo:Mo

Oh! Mo:Mo! (@oh.momo), a Nepalese venture is the brainchild of Salman Uppal. Uppal visited Nepal and found himself falling in love with their diverse cuisine, especially the momos. This drove him to enroll in a food workshop in Nepal which soon resulted in the launch of his business. The chef prides in making conventional momos but has diversified his menu which now includes Nepalese styled Tawa Chicken Momos, Alfredo Momos and Paneer Momos. The prices are economical; starting from Rs. 200 to Rs. 350 for a pack of 6-8 momos.

Click here to try out their super fun menu!

Source: (@oh.momo)

3. Japanese Sushi by Asahi 

Faisal and Murad, founders of Asahi (@asahi.pk) provide high quality yet economical Japanese food to their customers. At Asahi, they work closely with their team to ensure the food is prepared by emphasising on delectable flavours to ensure authenticity. Customers can order from them for an average price of Rs. 1500 only. 

Click here to place an order.

Source: (@asahi.pk)

4. Afghani Deliciousness by Noshejan

Noshejan (@noshejanpk) prepares authentic Afghan cuisine and delivers across Lahore. If you’re looking to explore more of your country’s cuisines, Noshejan should be your go to place to order this weekend. Their menu consists of Kabali Palao, Chappal Kebabs, Mutton Roast and so much more. Meals for 5 to 6 people are priced at Rs. 5,500.

Place an order here.

Source: (@noshejanpk)

5. Kashmiri Cuisine by Kashmiri Tarkay 

Aesha Zubair was inspired by her Kashmiri roots to kickstart Kashmiri Tarkay (@kashmiri_tarkay). An award-winning venture that serves authentic Kashmiri food, it received the British High Commission Award for providing meals during the pandemic. Kashmiri Tarkay focuses on providing more for less monetary compensation. Customers can endeavour their platter for 5 people for Rs. 3,000 only. The menu includes the simplest of items such as Daal Chawal and the fanciest such as Palak Biryani.  

Click here to check out their page!

6. Middle Eastern Food by Kunafa Inn 

Kunafa Inn (@kunafainn) serves authentic Palestinian Kunafas across Lahore. Kunafa is a traditional Middle Eastern dessert made with shredded filo pastries soaked in a sweet syrup and typically layered with cheese, clotted cream or nuts. This delight is usually common during Ramadan so gear up!
Their menu includes Nut Kunafas, Cheese Kunafas, Cream Kunafas and Oreo Kunafas for prices between Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 13,000. 

Indulge in delicious kunafas by clicking here

Source: (@kunafainn)

7. Korean Goodies by The Kimchi Girl 

The Kimchi Girl (@thekimchigirl_) is our go to place for anything Korean. Kimchi is a staple in Korean Cuisine, usually served as a side with any meal. Apart from selling an array of kimchi’s, Kimchi Girl prepares an other food items such as dumplings, kimchi fish wraps, kimchi fries, kimchi ramen and kimchi fried rice. Apart from these meals, customers can also opt for kimchi butter that can be paired with any snack. A packet of 12 dumplings comes for an average price of Rs. 1,600.

Order here!

Source: (@kimchigirl_)

This weekend ditch your typical meal and order a mouth watering platter from one of these ventures. And don’t forget to #SupportSmallBusinesses!

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