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7 local businesses that will help you combat hair loss

7 local businesses that will help you combat hair loss


Everyone has a love-hate relationship with their hair. Your hair takes a lot of stress when styling them for different occasions. They might sustain heat damage or chemical stress, which weakens your hair and contributes to hair loss.

Here are 7 local businesses to help you fight hair loss and strengthen your scalp.

1. This business specialises in natural self-care products.

We all use shampoo to wash our hair, but most shampoos are loaded with chemicals like sulfates and parabens that strip our hair of its protective oils. This can leave your hair vulnerable to damage and make it easier to break off. Charm natural (@charmnatural) specializes in natural and chemical-free products, like its conditioning shampoo, that will clean your hair and protect it from breakage.

You can buy a bottle, at a discount, for Rs. 950.

Click here to order now.

2. This business specializes in artisan haircare.

Yellowberry (@yellowberryy) may specialise in handcrafted soaps, but their hair conditioners are a god sent. The conditioners are naturally sourced with no stripping materials, which help moisturise and strengthen your scalp.

Their conditioner sells, at a discount, for Rs. 1,080.

Click here to order now.

3. There’s more to hair than just shampoos and conditioner.

A hair mask is essential for a strong head of hair. Qubbles bath and body (@qubblesbathandbody) has the best hair masks, that can be used by both, men and women. Enriched with natural oils the mask strengthens your hair while reviving it to prevent brittle hair with split ends.

The hair mask costs around Rs. 1,500.

Click here to find out more.

4. If your hair’s curly and you know it, try this product.

Curly hair problems are not addressed in Pakistan. But Coco curls (@thecococurls) is trying to help you embrace your curly hair. Straightening your hair regularly can really damage and weaken your hair. So purchase their curly hair kit to keep your curls in optimal condition, helping you embrace the curl.

A curl kit can charge you Rs. 2,068.

Click here to purchase now.

5. Keep styling your hair without worry.

Mana beauty (@manabeautyspirit) has an array of amazing organic hair products. With a range of revitalizing shampoos and accompanying conditioners. But their standout product has to be their styling spray. This product will help protect your hair from heat damage and breakage when you’re styling your hair at the salon for the next shaadi.

The spray costs around Rs. 1,000 post discount.

Click here to order now.

6. This business specializes in hair oils.

Hair matters (@hair.matters), aptly named, has a diverse range of hair oils. Curated for both men and women, this business specializes in targeting specific hair problems with its oil blends.

A bottle of hair oil costs around Rs. 600 to 1,750.

Click here to place an order now.

7. The hair product for on the go.

This product is for people who don’t always have the time to wash their hair. Or prefer not getting their hair wet regularly to prevent breakage. The hair pantry (@thehairpantry_) has introduced a sulfate-free dry shampoo. This product is easy to use and helps repair damage, prevents breakage and maintains your hair’s natural oils. 

The dry shampoo retails for Rs. 950.

Click here to place an order now.

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