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7 businesses that are making learning from home fun with their activity kits

7 businesses that are making learning from home fun with their activity kits


Need a way to make the learn-from-home process more entertaining for your kids? Lockdown has been extremely tough on kids. It restricted them from going to school which wasn’t only a means to education but also an area to socialise and develop emotionally. Activity kits are one of the solutions to this problem. These kits generally contain interactive content along with academic worksheets to make learning fun. 

Here’s a list of online shops that provide entertaining activity kits for kids:

1. This business also hosts virtual academic camps for children

Activity Studio by Mehreen (@activitystudiobymehreen) is an initiative run by early years educators. They aim to promote activity-based learning through educational craft kits. 

These kits include arts and crafts activities, reading books, educational worksheets and stationery. 

Educational kits are priced between Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 4,000. 

Order here!

2. This famous mama blogger customizes folders for your kids

The Millennial Mama (@themillenialmama.pk) is an online store founded by Risham Khan (@rishamkhan). Customers can order activity packs, flashcards, tracing folders and activity folders from here. 

The toddler learning folder is filled with 20 pages of educational and fun activities about shapes, colours, continents, solar system and more. 

The price of this folder is Rs. 4,500.

Check them out here!

3. This business is a virtual school that also provides craft kits to children 

Activity Hut (@activityhut) is a virtual school that provides kits on a monthly basis. Their kits contain educational worksheets, crafts material, sensory bins, activities and stationary. 

Along with the kits, they also hold zoom sessions for physical exercise, science experiments, cooking classes and more.

All of this costs RS. 6,000 per month

Order here!

4. This business offers activity books not only for kids but adults as well

FunBox (@funbox.pk) promises to provide a fun experience outside of mobile screens. They have three types of fun boxes: learning packs, arts and crafts fun box, recipe funbox. 

Their Preschoolers full year learning pack comes for Rs. 3,250 and contains full year’s curriculum and skill development kits.

Visit their website here!

5. This business will become your child’s favourite because of the fun activity books

My Funtivity Box (@myfuntivitybox) is perfect for the times when your child wants a fun break between study sessions.

Along with the activity boxes they also do customised gift boxes for kids.

Customers can choose from three activity boxes. Each box contains 5 activities such as make your sock bunny, marble activity, decorate your container and more. 

Dm them for prices.

 6. This business offers hand made eco-friendly activity books 

Activity Books in Pakistan (@homespunwooly) believes in learning with innovation. 

They have a range of eco-friendly felt interactive books for toddlers and preschoolers.

These include fruit books, number books and many more. Each page of their book is handcrafted and has a different activity

Check them out here!

7. This business offers sensory kits for children

Sense-Able Play (@senseableplay) has unique sensory activity kits and sensory tables for your kids. 

Their easy to assemble sensory table is made out of high-quality wood and can be double as a desk. 

Sensory kits include rainbow rice kit, water beads kit, moon sand kit and many more. Sensory tables are priced at Rs.16,500.

Visit their profile here!

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