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60 percent of water being supplied in Hyderabad is not chlorinated

60 percent of water being supplied in Hyderabad is not chlorinated

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About 60 per cent of the water being supplied currently to the city does not go through chlo­rination process of Wat­er and Sanitation Agency’s (Wasa) filtration plants as the civic body is in so deep a financial crisis that it cannot even pay salary to emp­loyees.

Sindh government, on the other hand, is yet to take a decision on how to ensure payment of accumulating water and sewerage charges of the provincial departments in Hyderabad. The lia­bilities of Wasa alone have risen to around Rs3.3bn alone.

Wasa being one of the important civic body of Hyderabad operates four major water filtration plants of the district that feed drinking water to three of its four fully urbanised talukas.

Around 66MGD filtered water is to be supplied from new and old filtration plants off located Jamshoro road and 8MGD each from Hala Naka and Paretabad filtration plants.

Ingredients like alum and chlorine are procured from a Lahore-based company and together with transportation charges and the material’s cost it comes to total expenditure of Rs105m per annum. But given the current resources constraints due to which even employees’ salaries were not being paid the chlorination process had been compromised, said a source.

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