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7 homegrown businesses in Lahore making fudge brownies that are totally worth the calories

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7 homegrown businesses in Lahore making fudge brownies that are totally worth the calories


For all the chocolate lovers out there, dreaming of a fudgy afterlife. These homegrown businesses are fudging up our lives and we love it. Lahore has been blessed with these saints who will liven up quarantine with their rich batch of chocolate brownies.

Here are 5 homegrown bakers with the fudgiest brownies in Lahore.

1. This home baker has quickly won Lahore over.

A Broke Baker (@abrokebaker) may claim to have started out broke, but Omar; the owner, has quickly become a staple in the local baker’s scene. Another product of the 2020 lockdown, Omar has a variety of specialized brownies for customers to choose from. Their most popular brownies are the house special fudge brownies.

A batch of 6 brownies typically cost around Rs. 1,200.

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2. This homegrown business runs on building a community around their food.

Anum and Hafsa are the dynamic duo behind A Piece of Cake (@apieceofcake.lhr). What started out as a home-based bakeshop, quickly grew into a cosy little cafe in DHA. But once the pandemic hit, this fast-growing eatery had to retreat back to operating from home. Anum is the mastermind chef behind some of the best brownies ever made, like her salted caramel brownies, which are a showstopper. While Hafsa manages the business operations.

You can order a batch of brownies, with around 9 pieces, for Rs.1,600 to 2,000.

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3. This mother-son duo share a love for cooking.

Safyan has had a passion for baking ever since he was little. In 2020 he finally realized his lifelong dream of starting a homegrown bakery, by the name of Elysian Kitchen (@elysian.kitchen). They specialize in loaded brownies, including M&M and peanut butter brownies.

A batch of brownies costs around Rs. 1,500 to 2,000.

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4. This home baker has a unique approach to desserts.

The Cakery Bakery (@thecakerybakerylahore) is trying to incorporate a healthy dessert lifestyle in her business, by using healthier alternative ingredients in her baking. But she also has a range of decadent fudge brownies for the perfect sugar overload. 

A batch of brownies cost between Rs. 1,500 to 2,000.

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5. This COTHM certified home baker will have you hooked.

Dough Teen (@dough_teen) is a product of a young entrepreneur, Samina Amir, with a passion for baking. They have a lovely range of brownies to choose from, each one rich and delectable in its own right.

A batch of brownies costs around Rs. 1,500.

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6. This home business has an array of inventive brownie flavours.

Honey and salt (@honeyandsaltofficial) is a home-based bakeshop, run by 4 sisters. These passionate ladies have a wide range of baked goods and a talent for aesthetic presentation. They have the widest variety of brownies you will ever come across, from their classic fudge to their red velvet and cream cheese brownies.

A batch of brownies can cost anywhere between Rs. 2,500 to 3,000.

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7. This local business has the perfect tea time treats.

The Teacake Company (@teacakeco) is focused on making tea time a memorable part of your day. We’ve all craved something sweet to accompany our daily chai and this business makes the perfect variety of baked goods to have. Their brownies are made from the best quality chocolate to give you the ultimate fudge overdose. Their recipes are rigorously tested to make the perfect chai companion.

A batch of 5 brownies cost Rs. 500.

Click here to order now.

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