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This animal-rights organization is looking for “passionate volunteers” to help fight animal-cruelty

This animal-rights organization is looking for “passionate volunteers” to help fight animal-cruelty


The recent cases of animal-cruelty have made one thing undeniably clear – animal rights in Pakistan are practically non-existent. Despite this, however, many organizations continue to work against the oppression of the voiceless. One such organization, who only recently made their social media presence known, is Animal Rescue Club (ARC) Pakistan. Team ProperGaanda reached out to ARC Pakistan to better understand their motivations, goals and experiences.

Tell us a bit about your organization and what you do.

Established in 2018, ARC rescues street animals, provides them with emergency support (via renowned vet clinics) and helps them find loving homes. To date, we have rescued over 40 animals including dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits. ARC comprises of volunteers whose personal ambition and mission is to eradicate animal cruelty and help street animals live a happier and healthier life. Currently, we are a team of eight volunteers spending our time on this noble cause.

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UPDATE: Remember Heckle and Jeckle the two little abandoned featherless baby crows? This is them today! First 3 pictures are of heckle and he’s already looking like a handsome young crow. Although he’s still entirely dependant on us for feeding hes gradually learning to eat on his own. he’s growing really well and has also started walking. He still is learning to fly which will take him atleast ten more days. The rest of the pictures are of Jeckle. Although he’s not growing as fast as his brother he is still growing slowly but surely. His legs are not the strongest as, when he was a nestling, he kept sitting in one position for too long which resulted in this. But not to worry, he is under physio therapy as well as natural remedies and chances are he’ll turn out to be a perfectly normal bird. Please do not attempt to interfere with every baby bird you see as you could cause more damage than harm. Although it may seem the bird needs help 90% of the time it’s perfectly fine. Do your research before you attempt to ‘save’ any wild animal ESPECIALLY birds as these creatures are very delicate. We will be posting a ‘how to save a baby bird’ post soon as in most areas in Pakistan there are no wild life rehabilitators. More on that soon. Thank you

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Why did you begin this project?

Having lived abroad for my schooling, I (founder of ARC) saw communities, society, and governments really look after the street animals. For example, in Turkey, the government ran an organised campaign to vaccinate the street dogs and entire neighborhoods would make sure they are well fed. In extreme contrast, in our country the government runs campaigns to kill dogs and the general public injure and even kill them. When I came back to Pakistan I felt something had to be done and that gave birth to ARC. I believe this little initiative can make a big difference for the most vulnerable segment of society – helpless and abused animals, the voiceless. 

Do you have any memorable anecdotes of animal rescues?

We have one very memorable story of one of our first rescues which dates back to early 2018. We came across an almost-dying puppy under heavy snowfall in the Murree hills. How we got him down to Islamabad, flew him to Karachi and how he battled the deadly parvovirus for three weeks and fought against all odds to survive makes it a very special rescue. He’s now a two year-old handsome adult dog happily living with us.

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This is tom, an absolute charmer. We first met him around 4 months ago and have been feeding him since and he’s stuck around. However, recently he started going away and not coming back for days, which is a common thing to do for male cats that are not neutered. Problem is during this time exploring cats often get into fights, which is what happened with Tom. These fights can result in two things: infections which can range from non serious to deadly (like rabies), and even instant death (yes, cats can kill each other). We found Tom 3 days ago with multiple fresh and old wounds all over his face and immediately took him in. So far he’s doing well and got neutered today. We will be releasing him in one week as now that he’s neutered he shouldn’t go on his exploring adventures. If you have any stray cats that you’ve been feeding please get them neutered/spayed. You could be saving more lives than you can even imagine and number two feeding a whole litter of kittens is much more expensive than getting a one time neuter/spay operation done. Have a good day 😃

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Why do you think there is such a lack of empathy for animals in Pakistan?

We believe it’s a combination of multiple factors. Number one is lack of education – the average Pakistani doesn’t realise that animals experience emotional and physical pain just like human beings. Number 2 is the lack of government initiative – a country with very limited resources cannot have animal welfare on their priority. Number 3 is the absence of initiative from the educated silent majority, from the ones who have the feelings and the resources but only empathise with no action.

What can the average civilian do to help you?

ARC aims to give a platform to people who want to contribute as volunteers to this cause. Currently we are not looking for donations but we do need passionate volunteers who are willing to commit a part of their time to our mission. In addition we are planning to put together a digital campaign against animal cruelty. The average Pakistani can help us by simply sharing our posts and hence spreading awareness.

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Yes, you heard that right. Although the act for prevention of cruelty to animals in Pakistan (1890) originally stated that whoever breaks this law will be fined, a few years ago it was amended and there was basically no punishment for people who were found committing the usual animal cruelty (although there was a punishment for very specific forms of animal cruelty). As of January 2020 a fine ranging between 50-500 Rs will be taken from those who are found breaking this law depending on the scale of their actions. However, it must be kept in mind that this act was placed even before Pakistan was made. The act is obsolete and contains things that are unheard of in the 21st century. This is testimony to the fact that animal cruelty is not considered to be a serious crime in our country both by the majority of our general public and our government. Nevertheless, the fact the new government has taken some action may be a stepping stone towards achieving a safer environment for the animals of Pakistan. But we cannot rely solely on the government to bring change, we have to do that ourselves! Starting from our homes we should educate the people that work at our house about how animals experience emotions and pain the same way humans do. Then your neighbours, your colleagues and classmates etc. Please, we urge you all as after all to bring change you have to be the change ‘We must speak for those that can’t speak for themselves’ Thank you.

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Do you have any message for the people of Pakistan?

ALL of YOU can make a difference. If you can save one animal then do it because “you may not change the world by saving an animal, but you will change the world for that animal.” If you cannot do this then educate the people around you against animal cruelty. If one person can pass this message to ten people, soon the message will reach a million people and trigger a change in the society. To bring change, you have to be the change.

Disclaimer: This is an unpaid article designed to promote awareness regarding animal-rights in Pakistan. While every attempt has been made to ensure accuracy and the credibility of the platform mentioned, Team ProperGaanda bears no responsibility for their actions or lack thereof. 

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